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Ankur Sharma

Chief Product & Technology Officer (CPTO) at Perkbox

Empowering Organizations with Innovative Strategy and Inspiring Leadership

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Joined Jan 2022

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I am Ankur Sharma, the Chief Product & Technology Officer (CPTO) at Perkbox. I am responsible for leading the Engineering, Product, Partnerships, Design, DevOps, Data and BI teams. My experience in product mentorship and culture stewardship has enabled me to align our efforts and drive innovation, develop new products and build strategic partnerships. My passion for creating a collaborative and supportive work culture has enabled my teams to achieve their best work. In my 16 years of career, I have built several multi-million $ products some of which now have more than 50 million installs and are continuing to cruise comfortably at 15 million monthly active users. In my spare time, I enjoy mentoring product professionals and entrepreneurs. I also volunteer my time to help local non-profits with their digital transformation initiatives.


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