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Anant Gupta

SVP of Engineering & Data Science at Included Health

SVP of Engineering & Data Science

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Joined Jun 2020

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SVP of Engineering & Data Science


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I'm Anant Gupta, the SVP of Engineering and Data Science at Included Health, where we are at the forefront of transforming healthcare. Leveraging the combined strengths of AI, data, and consumer technology, we aim to make healthcare more predictive, personalized, and accessible. Our commitment is to innovation that not only enhances but fundamentally redefines the standard of care. Before joining Included Health, I thrived in the dynamic landscapes of pre-IPO giants like Uber and LinkedIn, managing large, multidisciplinary teams of 100+ engineers. My tenure at these companies was marked by rapid scaling and the development of core consumer products that have touched millions globally. Leading growth initiatives at Uber, including the incubation of groundbreaking mobility solutions like bikes and scooters, and overseeing substantial consumer and platform teams at Uber and LinkedIn, has reinforced my belief in technology's transformative potential. It’s not just about creating leverage; it's about savoring the journey of cultivating leaders and forging cohesive, high-performing teams that drive industry-changing innovations.


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