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Alex Shaw

Chief Technology and Product Officer at MDRx

Technology leader focused on helping businesses, teams and individuals find their mojo!

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Joined Jan 2023

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Technology leader focused on helping businesses, teams and individuals find their mojo!


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A Life time software engineer full time tinkerer and leader of successful engineering and product teams for over 20 years. I focus on building high performing, inclusive cultures of teams that really care about what they do. Iapply agile techniques to help deliver innovative, outcome driven solutions ensuring we all enjoying doing it on the way! A Fan of the theory of constraints, Drive, creative thinking techniques and happy teams. I've run teams from 2 to 150 in both startups and large financial organisations and take pride in achieving commercial growth and high retention numbers by creating greenhouses that nurture people whilst delivering business value. I've built a number of successful technical recruitment teams that have driven down agency costs to almost 0 in most cases, created training schemes and implemented a number of approaches to graduate development. My teams include product, dev-ops, engineering, customer support and data supporting both internal teams and external customers. I've worked with 'legacy' style systems and also 'infrastructure-as-code' environments built in more modern cloud environments. A range of architectural styles including DB & Event driven, micro services and predominantly online platforms. Lots of experience dealing with compliance and UK/EU data laws, ISO27001, GDPR, contracts and negotiations. I run a tech community, schools outreach and code clubs for students.


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