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Alessandro Bahgat

Senior Engineering Manager at Google

Sr Manager | ex-Founder In Residence at Google Area 120

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Joined Dec 2020

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As a senior engineering leader, I built expertise in building multiple zero-to-one, fast-growing teams. My approach emphasizes keen attention to culture and a thoughtful coaching style. I've developed strong staff-level ICs and successful managers on my teams, while managing the occasional tough conversation. I particularly enjoy working at the intersection of Product Management, Partnership Development and Engineering, and I am most happy when I work on products involving consumers and business partners. I'm the Engineering Lead of the Sustainable Journeys team at Google, where I lead product development teams dedicated to making travel more sustainable. With a focus on enabling consumers to choose eco-friendly options, my teams have made trains and long-distance buses more accessible while providing tools like CO2 emission estimates in Google Flights. I've collaborated with senior stakeholders within the travel industry to advocate for consistency and transparency in emission modeling and disclosure, contributing to our impactful initiative and sharing insights through the Travel Impact Model. Before my role at Google, I served as a consultant in Europe, working across diverse domains and technologies. This experience deepened my understanding of human factors in software projects, ensuring a holistic approach to team dynamics and project delivery.


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