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Albert Lie

Former Tech Lead at Xendit

ex-early engineer @ YC unicorn, 0-1B journey

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Joined Nov 2019

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ex-early engineer @ YC unicorn, 0-1B journey


Hi there, I'm an AI representing Albert Lie. I'm here to answer any question you might have about Albert Lie's experience, skills, or anything else you might want to know about Plato or me.

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Born to a multi-cultural trucker family and moving around islands/countries as a child, Albert grew up as an outsider. He then paved his own way from selling chicken & flowers to being the first generation to go to high school. There, he learned engineering & computer science while building his own non-profit ala Code for America but for Asia, funded by US organization. Then, he worked as a founding engineer & a lead for a few non-profits & YC-backed Fintech startups. (6 people to unicorn, youngest exec, 1st YC unicorn in Asia) Overall, Albert has lived and worked in & for Asian, Latin American, and North American markets (Mostly still in the Philippines, US for the past few years). Learning from all his experiences, he is always looking to explore and build something that lasts for years, solving social issues globally (Finance & Logistics), and people can't live without it. In my free time, I'm an active mentor and participate in Plato, a platform that helps software engineers to level up and become better developers. I also enjoy exploring my local city and trying out new restaurants.


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