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Ahsan Habib

VP Software Engineering at human

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Joined Nov 2022

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I am a senior software development executive and have delivered cutting-edge offerings in the Cyber Security, SaaS, Applied AI/ML, and Networking markets. I have experience in leading large product development organizations (250+) as well as startup/incubator agile teams. I have a proven track record of delivering large, complex systems from concept through PoC, MVP that generated hundreds of million dollars in revenue.   I successfully built high performing teams; foster trust and collaboration; turned around underperforming teams; streamlined processes; and significantly improved organizational efficiency. I am obsessive about customer experience, performance, scale, reliability and speed of delivery.     Specialties: Products and Engineering; cyber security; enterprise IT & networking; SaaS (Software as a Service); product strategy; scaling global teams; global and remote team management; cloud computing; customer interaction; highly scalable product architecture; cloud operation and cost optimization.


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