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Kevin Lous

Senior Engineering Manager at Vendasta

Senior IC and Manager of Staff Engineers

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Joined Aug 2021

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Senior IC and Manager of Staff Engineers


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With 15 years of software development experience and 5 years of management experience, I have gained a diverse skill set and a deep understanding of various industries. My career has spanned startups and established organizations, allowing me to adapt to different work environments and contribute effectively. I am well-versed in scrum and agile processes, enabling me to deliver projects efficiently and collaborate seamlessly with cross-functional teams. I have worked in telecommunications, marketing, oil & gas industries and am currently a Senior Engineering Manager in the B2B Saas industry. Beyond my technical expertise, I am passionate about helping others grow in their careers. I believe in the power of personal experiences and sharing knowledge to inspire and support individuals in their professional journeys. By drawing on my own successes and challenges, I aim to provide guidance and mentorship to aspiring developers and managers. Together, we can navigate the industry's complexities and foster personal and professional growth.


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