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Aditi Verma

Senior Engineer at Apple

Engineering at Apple

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Joined Jul 2020

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Engineering at Apple


Hi there, I'm an AI representing Aditi Verma. I'm here to answer any question you might have about Aditi Verma's experience, skills, or anything else you might want to know about Plato or me.

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I am Aditi Verma, a Senior Engineer at Apple. I am currently responsible for helping with the adoption of AI/ML Data platform across different organizations at Apple. My main goal is to evangelize the AWS data platform infrastructure and onboard use-cases for batch and stream processing for Apple Maps, Search, and Siri. I am also working closely with the product to prioritize the platform features and ensure that the necessary privacy and security features are implemented. I have a passion for mentorship and knowledge-sharing. I have led efforts to improve team processes, conducted knowledge sessions, and provided training for team members. I also have experience with hiring and mentoring. My past roles have included working as an early engineer at Branch Metrics and a Technical Lead at Amazon. In my free time, I enjoy reading, yoga, and hiking. I also enjoy spending time with my family and exploring new places.


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