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Amlan J Patnaik

Associate Director of Software Development at NTT DATA

Engineering Leader, Data & AI, Author, Mentor

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Joined Jul 2023

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Engineering Leader, Data & AI, Author, Mentor


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Amlan J Patnaik is a distinguished senior engineering leader, currently serving as the Software Development Associate Director at NTT Data Americas Inc. With over 17 years of unparalleled experience, Amlan has consistently demonstrated his expertise in spearheading and executing large-scale strategic technology initiatives. His proficiency spans across an impressive spectrum, encompassing data engineering, artificial intelligence and machine learning, web application development, DevOps/CI-CD, application security, mutation testing, pre-merge code quality gating, cloud migration, and vulnerability management. Throughout his illustrious career, Amlan has played a pivotal role in driving the digital transformation of enterprises, creating groundbreaking solutions, and delivering remarkable technological enhancements. His commitment to excellence has enabled organizations to foster agility, innovation, effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity within the software development lifecycle, ultimately reducing time-to-market. Endowed with a wealth of experience, he holds the esteemed certifications of a Certified Agile Coach (ICP-ACC) and a Certified Scrum Professional (CSP, CSM), exemplifying his mastery of agile best practices. Amlan's unwavering dedication and profound knowledge in delivering software development projects further cement his reputation as an industry leader. His adept utilization of agile methodologies showcases a pragmatic approach towards ensuring successful project deliveries, driving transformative outcomes that have left an indelible mark on the industry landscape.


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