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Syed Ali

VP Engineering at Airside Mobile Inc.

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Joined May 2020

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I am a technology leader with experience leading several projects from idea to completion. As a hands-on implementer, I lead by example and deeply invest in my team as a mentor to help promote the culture of continuous improvement and ownership. As a member of the CTO organization, I worked closely with the stakeholders across the technology and business organizations to help identify new opportunities. Used fast-prototyping effectively to help win the confidence of prospective customers and as a way to experiment with ideas in favor of a data-driven decision-making process. Demonstrated hands-on experience as a software developer and software architect. Built solutions in the telecommunications space with high performance and high availability requirements. Experience leading distributed teams of software engineers to help deliver products on time and budget. The teams were often composed of both full-time employees and contractors. Participated in IETF and contributed as an author of the provisioning protocol specifications in DRINKS WG of the Real-Time Application area. Involved in the STIR WG as a contributor to the protocol specifications work. Implemented the multi-cloud ready prototype solution that laid the foundation for a successful revenue-generating product.


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