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Chris Slowe

CTO at Reddit

Founding engineer at Reddit, passionate about mentorship and public speaking.

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Joined May 2020

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Founding engineer at Reddit, passionate about mentorship and public speaking.


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Chris Slowe is the Founding Engineer and CTO at Reddit where he is responsible for driving the company’s technical vision to ensure that Reddit is stable, transparent, data-driven, and scaled for growth. He oversees the Data Science, Infrastructure, Engineering, Security, Privacy, User Safety, and IT teams that are focused on building a technologically efficient business and simplified platform to achieve Reddit’s mission to bring community, belonging, and empowerment to everyone in the world. While software engineering is his trade, and growing and developing engineering orgs his vocation, Chris’ PhD in experimental physics at Harvard taught him the importance of modeling, critical thinking, statistics, and welding. He uses the majority of these skills daily. During Chris’ final years at Harvard, he navigated his way into the startup world and was accepted to the (first!) YCombinator class of Summer ‘05, where he met Reddit’s co-founder Steve Huffman. He subsequently became Reddit's first employee five months into the company. After five years at Reddit, he left with Steve to work at Hipmunk as Chief Scientist and then returned to Reddit in 2015 where he has continued to lead and scale the company’s engineering and technology efforts.


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