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Jia Ni

Founding Staff Engineer at Truewind

10+ years in backend engineering | 5+ years in eng leadership | career mentor since 2021

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Joined Jul 2021

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10+ years in backend engineering | 5+ years in eng leadership | career mentor since 2021


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I began my career in 2010 as an entry-level engineer at Bloomberg. Within six years, I grew to a team lead overseeing a group of 8 engineers. In 2018, I made the leap to the startup world, where I've held leadership roles in several companies at various stages—from Series B to pre-IPO. During this time, I've had the privilege of mentoring a number of engineers into their first leadership positions, as team leads or managers. In 2022, I embraced entrepreneurship by co-founding TAOS.ai, which aimed to revolutionize practice management systems for small to medium-sized tax and accounting firms through AI. We successfully raised a pre-seed round, assembled a talented team, and built a MVP that gained some initial traction. While the venture ultimately didn't pan out as planned, the experience was invaluable and reignited my passion for building great products. Currently, I'm a founding staff engineer at Truewind.ai, where I’m thrilled to continue leveraging AI to innovate in the accounting and financial analytics space. I work hand-in-hand with an incredible team of founders, focused on building the future of the industry. Feel free to drop me a message if you’d like to connect!


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