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Anya Yudkovsky

SVP of Engineering at GoCanvas

SVP of Engineering

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Joined Mar 2021

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SVP of Engineering


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Anya Yudkovsky Anya is a highly skilled software development professional with over 20 years of experience in leading engineering teams and delivering successful projects. She holds a Master's Degree in Computer Science and possesses a proven ability to build and lead teams using Agile/Scrum practices, ensuring on-time delivery of functionality within budget constraints. Currently serving as the Senior Vice President of Engineering at GoCanvas since July 2021, Anya leads the GoCanvas TopCo Engineering team, consisting of 60+ engineers, through effective management and mentorship. She actively participates in M&A activities and post-merger team realignment processes, contributing to strategic business decisions as a key member of the Department Heads team reporting to the CEO. Anya regularly reviews team structures and processes across multiple product lines to align with the product management team and address business needs. She actively contributes to global recruitment activities, expanding the company's presence by creating centers of excellence. Anya is responsible for preparing and optimizing budgets across product lines and recommending technological developments to improve efficiency. Her leadership ensures the delivery of high-quality products. From July 2019 to July 2021, Anya held the position of Vice President of Engineering at GoCanvas, where she led a team of 30+ engineers, provided effective management and mentorship, and played a vital role in team realignment after mergers and acquisitions. She actively reviewed team structures and processes to align with product management and contributed to recruitment activities. Anya focused on optimizing budgets and recommending technological improvements, resulting in the successful delivery of quality end products.


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