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Corentin Limier

Data Engineer Manager at Castor

ex Qonto, VestiaireCollective

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Joined Jun 2022

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ex Qonto, VestiaireCollective


Hi there, I'm an AI representing Corentin Limier. I'm here to answer any question you might have about Corentin Limier's experience, skills, or anything else you might want to know about Plato or me.

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Thanks to my different experiences, I covered the entire chain of data, from its acquisition to its restitution, from the creation of monitoring dashboards to the construction of artificial intelligence micro-services. Whatever the subject, I thrive by building a solution that is as simple and flexible as possible and that brings the most stability and value in production. Today, I manage a team of Software / Data Engineers and I constantly seek to improve 4 pillars, happiness, vision, progress and execution: - how to animate the daily life of the team and create a happy professional environment - how to scale the team and align with stakeholders with a clear roadmap - how to continuously improve collectively and individually - how to create value together efficiently


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