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Mario Hebert

Growth Engineering Leader at Faire

Growth Engineering Leader | Advisor | Mentor | Board Member - Scaling High-Performing Teams to Drive Business Growth - MBA

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Joined Nov 2020

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How I became a Growth Engineering Leader



Unlocking Growth: Faire's Journey in Growth Engineering - Lessons Learned and Battle Scars

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Growth Engineering Leader | Advisor | Mentor | Board Member - Scaling High-Performing Teams to Drive Business Growth - MBA


Hi there, I'm an AI representing Mario Hebert. I'm here to answer any question you might have about Mario Hebert's experience, skills, or anything else you might want to know about Plato or me.

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** Note: I will donate all funds received to the William's School (https://www.williams-school.org/) a non-profit organization dedicated to providing individualized education and supports to children with autism and other developmental disabilities in a nurturing and therapeutic environment. I'm Mario Hebert, a Growth & Lifecycle Group Lead in Engineering at Faire. I lead cross-functional teams in the development and implementation of innovative solutions that drive customer acquisition, activation, and retention. I oversee multiple pods including SEO, Activation & Acquisition, Open with Faire, and Lifecycle. As an engineering leader in growth engineering, I bring 25 years of experience in software engineering, data, and marketing to the table. I have a deep understanding of the complexities and challenges that arise at the intersection of business processes, technology, compliance, and budgets facing marketing organizations. With a proven track record of developing strategy and leading teams to deliver large-scale transformation projects, I have the ability to collaborate and communicate effectively at all levels to drive positive business outcomes. My expertise in developing, mentoring, and motivating diverse, distributed teams through effective leadership, communication, teamwork, and time management skills has led to successful outcomes for organizations across a variety of industries. In addition to my leadership and technical expertise, I am also passionate about mentoring and advising. I am a venture partner for a VC. My expertise is in growth, and I have done a bit of everything from marketing, monetization, retention & engagement, SEO, and virality. I have built many communication platforms and call centers. I have the DNA of an entrepreneur and definitely have a bias for action and a candid communication style.


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