Finding Product-Market Fit For New Products and Features

Tido Carriero is the Chief Product Officer (and previously VP of Engineering) at Segment where he helped launch two new features that have already added 30% to net new revenue this year. In this AMA, he talks about how he found product-market fit for those features.

May 1, 2019

Wed, May 1st - 9:00 am PST / 12:00 pm EST

Tido Carriero
Tido is the CPO at Segment. Prior to that, he managed the Product Engineering team at Dropbox (~170 engineers) and before that was a product engineer and eng manager on Facebook Ads/Pages.
Tido Carriero
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Tido Carriero
Justin Dilley is the Head of Product at FullStory where he helps guide the engineering, design, and product management practices who are responsible for developing and executing on the overall product strategy and mission of FullStory. Prior to FullStory, he has led a number of product teams at The Home Depot and Amazon.


Tido Carriero
Abbie Kouzmanoff is a product manager at Amplitude, where she focuses on helping companies understand their user behavior data to ultimately build better products. She was previously a product manager at Dropbox where she drove revenue growth for the company through continuous experimentation and optimization.

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