Live Video Call with Gautam Prabhu, VP Eng at PagerDuty

Gautam is the VP of Engineering for PagerDuty, and previously the VP of Engineering at Zendesk. In this AMA, Gautam will field questions on how he went from IC to VP and how to identify exceptional engineering leaders in order to build a great engineering team.

May 15, 2019

9am PST / 12pm EST

Gautam Prabhu
Gautam is currently the VP of Engineering for PagerDuty, where he leads product delivery. Prior to that, he was VP of Engineering for Shared Services/Infrastructure for Zendesk.
Gautam Prabhu
VP Engineering
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Gautam Prabhu
Vladimir works as a lead software engineer for Node.js at Sqreen, where he builds a tool to secure web applications. He is one of the most active members of the Node.js Security Working Group. Vladimir often gives talks and trainings to software engineers to teach them about application security and how to build safer applications.


Gautam Prabhu
Quang is the cofounder & CEO @ Plato (ex Birdly, a YC company (w16)) helping engineers become better managers and better leaders.

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