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Striving for Optimal Efficiency: How Notion leverages EPD collaborationQuality Anti-Patterns: How Figma does things differentlyDoing More With Less: Strategies for Engineering Teams3 Takeaways for Engineering Leaders from Elevate Fall 2022How Slack's Engineering & Product Leaders are Building Strong Cross-Team CollaborationThe Four Step Process to Scale a Startup into an EnterpriseA Product Development Process to Inspire Collaboration In Cross-Functional TeamsHacking Your Product Leadership Career in 2022How To Implement Strategic Change While Maximizing Success In A Remote SetupRemote Hiring and Communication Strategies to Increase Team ProductivityHow to Wield Data and Empathy to Build an Inclusive TeamRetaining Diverse TalentTop Three Books That Should Be on Your Summer Reading List Five Game-Changing Books for First-Time Managers Transitioning from a Director to the VP of Engineering? - Three great takeaways to help you progressA Product Manager's guide to success4 pillars to measure your engineering team's success5 things that break while rapidly scaling tech-organizations (And how to fix them)4 game-changing feedback loops every organization should incorporateHow to retain your stellar employees even in a remote settingBuilding a strong relationship between Product and EngineeringKnow-hows of achieving high performance in times of changeManaging meetings without succumbing to Zoom fatigueHow to connect your teams’ work to company goalsBuilding a customer-focused engineering teamAssessing the health of an engineering organizationBuilding an impactful team as an Engineering LeaderLeading with empathy in the age of COVIDBuilding a great remote hiring and onboarding process for engineersHow to grow & motivate your team during a pandemicAchieving scale as an engineering leader — from technology to teams to cultureHow to Build Diverse and Inclusive Teams, According to Leaders at Airtable and BoxThink you know how to conduct a technical interview? Think again.Free mentorship for 2,000 people from underrepresented communitiesManaging in a remote world - tips from GitHub's VP of EngineeringManaging in a remote world  -  Tips from InVision's director of engineering“Managing in a Remote World” — Tips from a manager of 100+ people across 20 countriesWomen In Tech - Archana Chaudhary, Engineering Manager at AdobeThe Product Triangle - Michael Lopp from Slack at Elevate 2019The Ins and Outs of Evaluating Engineers - Elevate 2019Surviving Rapid Scaling - Loïc Houssier, Dana Lawson, Luc Vincent, and Prashant Pandey at Elevate 2019Podcast Episode: Fundamental Learnings for Engineering ManagersMentor Spotlight: Laurent ParisPlato Mentors: Building an Inclusive Engineering CultureManaging During Hypergrowth and Change - Chris Slowe, CTO of Reddit, at Elevate 2019Managing Distributed Teams — Asanka Jayasuriya, SVP of Engineering at InVisionManaging Distributed TeamsHow Luc Vincent Sets Goals For His Autonomous Driving Team At Lyft“Leading Through Changing Circumstances” (Podcast Episode Summary)Lessons In Leadership - Mo Bhende, Cathy Polinsky, and Chris Satchell at Elevate 2019How Tom Willerer Motivates Product and Engineering TeamsHow to Lead An Engineering Team During A Period of Hypergrowth: an AMA with Chris Slowe, CTO at RedditHow To Build Collaboration Between Engineering and Product Teams - Rachel Obstler, VP Product at PagerDutyHow to Become an Exceptional Engineering Leaders - AMA with Gautam Prabhu, VP Engineering at PagerDutyHow Nicolas Dupont, VP of Engineering at Akeneo, Solves His Challenges Via MentorshipFinding Product-Market Fit for New Products, with Tido Carriero, CPO of SegmentEvaluating Your Team's Success As You GrowEmployee Growth and Career Development - Elevate 2019Driving Team Performance With Effective Communication - Elevate 2019Building High-Performing Engineering Teams - Brian Zotter from Medium at ElevateBuilding Alignment Between Product and Engineering - Elevate 2019“How To Work Effectively with Distributed Teams”“How to Increase Visibility in a Remote Team” by InVision’s Director of Engineering, Ryan Scheuermann

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4 E's of LeadershipPerforming Focused Work in a Distracted WorldBeware the Empathy TrapApplying The Rules of IKIGAI for a more fulfilled life!Relationships, like products, need to be designed.My experience shadowing an Engineering Director for a weekEffective Feedback MechanismHonesty in LeadershipProviding Clarity to teamPeople, Process & ProductHosting a successful internal hackathon with < $6k budget"You don't care about quality" A story of single metric biasA Day in the Life of a Product Lead in FinTech – A SeriesTen quotes from Adam Grant relevant while dealing with layoffI was passed for Promotion. What now ?People Oriented vs Task Oriented 15 Tips to improve profile discovery on LIThe art of HappinessA 3 tier approach to more effective recruitingManaging remote first organizationV2 infrastructure projectMyth Busting Starting a Ph.D. level career in AI/MLFacebook vs. Google: 10 Contrasts for Engineering CareersSoftware Development as a Martial ArtThe Not-So-Easy Guide on How to grow and develop an Amazing A-TeamDevSecOps: Why, Benefits and Culture ShiftThe Growth Mindset in Modern Product EngineeringHow to measure Engineering Productivity?How to improve engagement and retention in remote engineering teams?Mindsets of High Performance teamHow I failed at my startupHigh Performance Team in ActionDeveloping an Early Career Program in Technology OrganizationsStrategies for HiringAssessing the Performance of Your TeamLeaving Room to Say Things Suck — Leadership Lessons from “Ted Lasso”How to Maintain Happiness: The Underrated Aspect of Creating Team Dynamic Scaling a Team in Two Parts: The Product and ManagerHow to Enter QA With a Non-Technical DegreeCongratulations you're an Engineering Manager! Now What?How to Organize, Manage, and Grow Your Team(Re)Organizing Your Teams Using Domain-Driven DesignLeading A (Distributed) Team? Foster "Above the Line" Behaviors.Building Up Your Technical Skills in a Fast-Paced Industry How to Navigate Your Manager Role at a New Company Team Development Framework for new managersBootstrapping a Startup While Working Full-TimeEffective Hiring Practices: Asking the Right Questions How Product Management Chose MeHow to Help Employees Find Their Strengths and Passions How Product Marketing Can (and Should) Help Product DevelopmentManaging Through a Team ReorganizationDealing with Uncertainties and Adapting as You GoHaving Work-Life Balance: More Than Just A Suggestion Deciding if Management Is Right for YouPromoting Interdepartmental Teamwork for More Efficient Problem-SolvingHow to Motivate Your Engineers to Grow in Their Careers What Is Team Health and How to Achieve It The Intermediate Engineer SyndromeHow to Successfully Rebuild Your Product How to Empower Teams to Build Out a Product Portfolio During Company Growth Finding the Mission-Driven Product Management Role That You WantWhen Management Isn’t for You: How to Advance in Your Career as an ICChecking For Values Alignment When Considering a New RoleThe Importance of Effective Communication Skills in Technical Roles Guiding Your Team Through a Data-Driven TransformationChecking For Values Alignment When Considering a New RoleThe Importance of Culture and Values When Building Teams10x engineer or 10x impact?How to Streamline Your Recruitment Process for Quick and Effective Hiring How to Maximize Employee Retention in Engineering TeamsHiring a Data Team With a Stubborn ManagerThe Art of Asking Why: Narrowing the Gap Between Customers and UsersManaging Different Time Zones: Inclusive Collaboration MethodsManaging Remotely: Balancing Team Cohesion and Focus Time Creating a Company Culture That Balances Helpfulness and ProductivityStreamlining Product Processes After a ReorganizationHow Less Viable Solutions Solve Common Architectural ChallengesManaging Culturally Diverse Remote Teams Navigating Disagreements When It Comes to PrioritiesGrowing Through Different Engineering Lead RolesPreparing For Your First Presentation: The Art of Public Speaking A Look Into the Hiring Pipeline: How to Fine Tune the Interviewing ProcessHere to Make a Recognizable Difference: How to Develop Teams Balancing Technical Debt Innovation: How Roadmaps for Development Help Your Company SucceedThe Optimization and Organization of Large Scale DemandLeading Your Team in Stressful Situations How to Foster and Reinforce Your Company Culture Hiring the Right People: Looking Beyond Just Technical Skills Why You Should Take Technology Risks in Product DevelopmentIdentifying Individuals for Career Growth Opportunities How to Successfully Hire a Team in the Remote World The Challenges of Becoming a New Manager Among Old PeersCombining User Research with Testing to Build a Successful Product Implementing and Reviewing Roadmaps: Strategies for Transparency and Alignment The Necessary Structures of Time Management Fostering Emotional Safety as a LeaderThe Importance of Slow Rollouts in Product DevelopmentNavigating Your Role Change: From IC to Engineering ManagerThe Secret To Product Growth is Your PeopleWhy Documentation Is the Key to SuccessIt's Time to Say 'No' to Manual Business ProcessesOwning Your Career Growth How to Hire and Build High-Value Teams How Remote Product Teams Can Operate Successfully Shortening the Feedback Loop to Improve Collaboration Destressing the Software Delivery Cycle Landing a Management Position without Recent Experience How to Produce Impact as a New Engineer How Hiring Teams and Candidates can Minimize Stress During an Interview Learning How to Delegate When You Become a ManagerManaging with Empathy Amidst a Pandemic Typical Challenge of Scaling Teams: What to Do When Your Process Doesn’t ScalePivoting a Product Market Fit Discovering Non-Traditional Pathways to Success Taking Healthy Risks in your CareerBuilding a Remote Team: Focusing on the Hiring Pipeline Creating Impact as One of the First Hires in a StartupA First-Time Managers Guide to Performance Management Growing Your Team EffectivelyCompany Growth: The Good, the Bad and the UglyBring It All Together: How to Implement Processes in a NutshellAligning Hiring Panels as a New Manager Common Management Challenges and How to Overcome ThemAdditive Hiring: Looking Beyond Common Technical Interview PracticesThree Steps to Implement a Performance Improvement Plan for an Underperforming EmployeeThe Evolution of a Startup Co-FounderThe Secret to Making Remote Work a SuccessTo Be a Strong Leader, Hire People Smarter Than YouDiamonds in the Rough: The Key to Recruitment SuccessCareer Courage - Key to Career ProgressionBuild V.S. Buy: Empowering Teams with a Data-Driven Approach How to Move Past Bureaucracies of Larger Organizations Overcoming the Imposter Syndrome to Land More Opportunities Designing a Career Ladder Scaling Your Developers Team: When and How to Start?What Companies Can Do to Reduce Technical DebtConcrete Tips to Convince Senior ManagementHow to Overcome Fear and Break Out of Your Comfort ZoneTransition from Individual Contributor to People ManagerBalancing Personal and Professional Life Understanding Leadership Before Becoming a Manager Channeling a Startup Mindset when Prioritizing How Reminders can Unleash Your Full Potential Building Teams who are Loyal to CustomersLaunching a Successful Product through an Acquisition Aligning Strategic Business Objectives With Project Management StrategyGaining Autonomy as the First Product Person in a Startup Adjusting to the Pace of a Startup Managing and Running Large Engineering Teams Successfully A Practical Guide to OKRsHow to Tap Into Latent User Demand in a MarketplaceProving Structure for a Fast-Growing Team On The Contrary: Q&A with Seth Kimmel of Contrary CapitalInspired by Women in TechnologyWhen Asking “WHY” Becomes Counterproductive.Hustling to Land a Role in the Tech WorldTransitioning from Tech to Education: Making a Larger Impact The Multiplier Mindset: A Necessary Shift to ScaleBuilding a World-class Software Quality Team from ScratchBeing an Influencer of QualityNavigating Analytical Discussions for Best Product FitHow to Effectively Release FeaturesManaging and Eliminating Cross-Team DependenciesWhat Challenges Do AI Startups Face?Managing Customer Expectations in the Age of AIHow to Determine Product-Market Fit In Your IndustryDid Work From Home Hurt the Video Game Industry?Product That Brings Opportunities What Makes a Good Product Culture?The Dilemma of Building a New Product vs. Rebuilding Existing OnesWhen Culture Does Not Translate Into Business GoalsObstacles and Challenges Within a Career PlanHow to Run a Successful War RoomWhat I learned Trying to Upskill a Tech Support Person to Engineering How Initiative Can Gain You a Promotion? Scaling a Small Team with a Strong Foundation Tips and Tricks for Moving From IC to ManagementStrengthening Team Dynamics Through LeadershipThe Importance of Shared Priorities Between Managers and Direct ReportsResolving Conflicts Within a TeamUnderstanding the Jump Between IC and Management How an Agile Mindset Founded an Offset of Mentorship Shepherding a product from a Proof of Concept to Production Take the Time to Evaluate Your CareerScaling Engineering @ TrustlyWorking Moms and Problems They FaceCoaching Women Engineers: Professionally, and for LifeHow to Build and Manage the First Product Roadmap for a StartupFrom Big Tech to Startup: Adding Value From Day 1Should You Stay Up to Date with Technical Skills As a Product Manager? How to Spark Sales-Driven Change Getting Creative to Land Your First Tech JobWhat to Do When Candidates Turn Down Your Job OfferStrategies to Deliver Effective Employee FeedbackReasons Promoting From Within Is Better for Growing Your BusinessChange Management in Engineering OrganizationCommunication Is the Key in the Workplace. Here’s How to Improve.Becoming a Manager of Engineers: Focusing on Team Visibility The Role of Testing in the Engineering Product Development ProcessTips to Get Back to Work After a Career BreakNavigating Unexpected Cultural Differences How to Replatforming a Major Organization Completing a Successful Reorganization within a Well-Established Company How to Recognize Traits of High-Performance From Candidates with Non-Traditional BackgroundsUnderstanding Career Growth: Promotion and Sideways Career ChangesAligning a Company Vision with Personal Values(Re)building product teams: insights from recent recruitmentThe Process of Scaling Small to Medium Sized TeamsHow to Deal with Organizational Adversity Analyzing a Problem for Real Causes and Coming to a Pragmatic Solution How an Organization Restructure can Enhance the Energy Levels & risk appetite of a Team Decreasing Distractions During the Remote Workday How to Successfully Transition From Engineer to Product LeaderCraft or Context?: Simplifying the Career Path Embodying a Growth Mindset for Engineering Leaders Growing a Team and Implementing a Psychologically Safe CultureGrowing a Team and Implementing a Psychologically Safe CultureHow Mentorship Enabled me To Become a ManagerGrowing in Your Career and Becoming a Full-Stack Engineer The Benefits of Performance Reviews and How to Carry Them OutUnderstanding One Another: The Secret to CollaborationUsing Documentation to Increase Efficiency in the Remote WorkplaceMaking the Unpopular Decision to Focus on Stability Before New ProductsTaking Ownership of a Legacy System How to Encourage Your Direct Reports to Do Their Best Work Effective Cross-Functional Collaboration Between Technical and Product Leaders What an Engineering Manager Should Be Aware of in a SaaS-Based B2B Company Why One-On-One Conversations Are Important and How to Make Them Efficient Knowing When and How to Migrate From the Legacy SystemHow to Align Individual, Team, and Organizational Goals for SuccessBest Practices of Working Cross FunctionallyBuilding a Product Team as an Engineering LeaderTips to Scale an Existing Engineering TeamTemptation to Be a Reactive Instead of Proactive Product ManagerHow to Grow Your Business by Changing Product DimensionsTake Calculated Risks, Not ChancesOvercoming Destructive Workplace Habits and Increasing Communication Improving Collaboration Between Cross-Functional Teams as a New Manager Executing a Sprint to Maintain Results Engaging with Customers to Find Successful Solutions How to Validate a Product from Start to Finish The Quiet Efforts to Overcome the Men-Only Environment in a StartupHow Process Feedback at Work Without Triggering a Stress Response Managing Expectations: Product Management in a StartupKnowing How and When to Let Go of an Underperforming EmployeeCreating a Product Org with Agile Methodologies Introduction of a Matrix-Based Organizational Model in a Software HouseUnexpected Outsourcing Contract TerminationTaking Over Maintenance and Development of Existing Customer Applications From Other VendorsImplementing a New Product From the ScratchDecommissioning of the Central Processing System and Migration to an In-House Claim Management SolutionHow to Break Into the Tech Industry Without Having Formal Tech-EducationHow and Why Meetings Should Be Conducted More ProductivelyStruggles of a Junior Software Engineer and How to Deal With ThemUnderstanding and Overcoming ProcrastinationHow to Overcome the Imposter Syndrome Losing a Feature as a LeaderMotivating a Team to Work on Less Exciting TasksLeading a Team With a Different Area of ExpertiseHow to Ensure a Successful Paternity LeaveHow To Successfully Transition From a Manager of ICs to a Manager of ManagersCollaborating to Inspire Change Between TeamsThe Difficulty in Making Career-Defining DecisionsThe Natural Progression From an IC Role to Manager Increasing the Sustainability of a Product Upskilling a Junior in 90 Days Preparing Your Team for the Remote WorkplaceHow to Strengthen Your Team PitchImproving Team Execution in a Remote Environment Identifying the “Right” Problem to SolveWhy Performance Feedback Should be More FrequentIncreasing Collaboration Within Your Team Delegate successfully as a first time manager of Product ManagersInviting Juniors to Learn New SkillsSpecialization vs. Wearing Many HatsFiring Somebody for the First TimeWorking From the Ground UpBuilding a New Team in a Foreign CountryWhy Overloading Product Teams Never WorkHow to Pivot a Product Idea at the Right TimeTransitioning From Tech to Product ManagementWhat It Takes to Understand Other’s PerspectiveHow to Handle Team Collaboration After a Merger?Overcoming Constraints Through Creative ThinkingBuilding trust as a new ManagerMergers and Acquisitions: Collaboration tools hold a key to bringing cultures togetherWhat it takes to become a great product managerThe art of managing upAre your product problems that special?Overcoming imposter syndrome through focusing on your strengthsHow to Build Rapport With an Introverted ManagerThe Benefits of Stakeholder CommunicationBuilding a Long-Lasting Career Infrastructure Using Ikigai PrinciplesDemystifying the Cult of the Founding Engineer: Talking to Customers and Discovering “Hidden” TalentHow to Work With People Who Are Different Than YouSurefire Ways to Boost Team MoraleOvercome a Poor Working RelationshipThe Right Way to Ship Features in a StartupOne-On-Ones for Engaging Employees: How Good Managers Run ThemManaging Team Collaboration After an AcquisitionHow an Empathetic Approach Can Solve ProblemsCreating a Cultural Shift for Effective Meetings: Building a Writing CultureHow Data-Driven Products Help Customers and Increase Sales How to Increase Engagement Using the Right Metrics How to Build a Software Team from the Ground UpHow to Stay Up-to-Date Managing a Large Remote Team How to Transition Into an Executive Role Creating a Sustainable Work-Life Balance How to Build a Successful Onboarding Process The Power of Collaboration Between Junior and Senior Engineers Why We Need DiversityHow to Feel Heard During Video MeetingsSucceeding as a New Product ManagerHow to Encourage Innovation in Your TeamHow Aligned Product and Marketing Teams Can Impact Growth & User ExperienceHow to Scale Product Teams for Empowerment & Impact?How Technical is Your Conversation?Should Product Managers be Technical?How to Lead Decisions By Following Market ProblemsFinding the Career Path for YouGaining Experience to Transition Roles How to Successfully Complete A Major Reorganization The Importance of a Detailed Leveling GuideResearching and Learning how to Make Machines LearnGaining the Technical Confidence to Crush an Interview Ethics and Equality in Software EngineeringSecuring A Fluid Transition to an Established OrganizationSucceeding as the First Product Hire in a Startup Focusing on Products Over Services Selling Technically Complex ProductsPromoting Change Without Losing Partners Preparing for Heated Discussions with Major Clients Creating New Hiring Methods to Find Qualified CandidatesHow To Fast-Track Your Way Up The Corporate LadderThe Problem-Solving Process: A Modern, Data-Driven Approach for Engineering leadersHow to Improve Team CommunicationMentoring Freshly Recruited EmployeesLeading Change Through Planning and Collaboration Simplifying and Prioritizing Key Objectives Establishing Alignment After Company Acquisition Changing Brand PerceptionWhat to Do When You Don't Have a Product VisionChoosing the Perfect Implementation of AgileRegrouping With the Help of the Data What Makes a Great One-on-One?The Journey Into ManagementAn Engineer’s Place in Product Creation Take Opportunities to Think Like a Product Manager Motivating Your Team to Deliver ResultsImproving the Quality of a Platform with Empathy Overcoming Hiring Constraints Creating an Engineering VisionHow to Hire, Train, and Align a Technology Team Evolving as a Young Tech Founder How to Address Challenges in Geographically Distributed TeamHow to Manage an Employee With DepressionWhy Engineers Need to Understand Business PerspectivesInternalizing Your Company ValuesProviding Support Through Excellent DocumentationCreative Recruitment Strategies to Hire Great CandidatesTaking The Lead As A Manager In CrisisProduct Management Requires Skill, Not a DegreeRecruitment Strategies to Implement When Hiring Niche TalentOptimizing With ScrumLearning From Your MistakesTelemetry in the QA ProcessHow to Wear a Lot of HatsStrategic Ways to Stop Losing CustomersLeading Cultural Change in an OrganizationPowerful Reasons Why Goal Setting Is ImportantFinding the Right Fit as a Product ManagerDelivering Outcomes on a new platform in the first 180 daysManaging New Team MembersHow to Be an Effective Manager During a CrisisTips on How to Improve Backlog Grooming MeetingsRetaining Top TalentsHiring Niche Talents in a Fiercely Competitive Market Three-Phase Approach to Onboarding Engineers in a Distributed Services Environment How Managers Can Support Employee Career GrowthExpert Antidote to Repair a Toxic CultureHow to Get Your Team Back on TrackResolving Workplace ConflictAchieving Alignment With Male ColleaguesBuilding the Future in Front of YouCommunicating EffectivelyIntegrating a Team of Offshore Contractors Feelings Aside: Handling a Team LayoffWhen Solving Problems for Others Is WrongThere Is No Commitment Without DisagreementCultivating AccountabilityEasing the Fear of Failure with GuidancePlaying the Father FigureEmbracing Feedback as an OrganizationTaking a Product from Inception to MarketPleading With Your Executive TeamSeeing What’s Out ThereEstablishing Yourself in a MarketHow to Stay Technical as an Engineer ManagerManaging a Product TeamScaling Teams Through an Unconventional ApproachKnow Your Customers NeedsHow to Manage ManagersReinvent a Product From ScratchThe Changing Face of Life InsuranceWhy You Should Design a Better Hiring ProcessPrioritizing Technical DebtHow to Manage an Employee With DepressionHow to Address Challenges in Geographically Distributed TeamWhy Engineers Need to Understand Business PerspectivesCreating a Reference Architecture Acquisition Troubles: Learning from a Legacy SystemManaging Problems With Technical Expertise Cultivating Self-DisciplineHow to Make an Impact Overcoming Remote Work Challenges Build Your Product QuicklyWhen Legacy Codebase Stalls Innovation Making Delivery FasterBuilding an Organization From the Ground UpAlleviating the Infamous QA Bottleneck Establishing a New FunctionHelping Your Reports Become Managers Relationship-Based Development Product Transformation: Why Prioritization Is CriticalBalancing Good Enough and Perfect Bridging the Gap Between Engineering and Product TeamsScaling Agile in Large Dependent Teams Setups Managing People More Experienced Than YouBuilding trust in remote working How to Convince the CEOTeams Facing Common Machine Learning ProblemsIntegrating Machine Learning with Human KnowledgeActions That Help Leaders GrowHow to Improve Remote Work EnvironmentRecognizing When to Involve HRUpskilling a Junior TeamCreating From Scratch Without Any Prior Knowledge Being a Data CoachImproving the team members relationship in a new team with conflicting environmentHow to Meet Strict Deadlines In An Environment of UncertaintyWhy Rearchitecting Might Not Always Be the Best IdeaTurning Around an Underperforming TeamBeing Given a Team: What Does an Inspiring Leader Can DoLeading a UI Overhaul With a Tight DeadlineKeeping an Entrepreneurial Spirit Alive Managing Tech Debt: A Success Story Diverse Teams Have Greater Customer EmpathyConsolidating Your Learnings Through Reflection and JournalingSimpler Product Visions and Strategy, Create Clarity to Empower TeamsData-Driven Product Teams Are Easier to Empower and Earn Autonomy FasterScaling Teams to Make Better Decentralised Decisions via Documents and TenetsDealing With Imposter Syndrome, There’s No Such Thing as a ‘Perfect PM’Influencing Without Authority (Servant leadership)Taking a Leap of Faith: My Career PathManaging a Report With Communication Issues Making Some Tough Roadmap DecisionsApproaching Predictive Analytics ProblemsThe Key to Successful Cross-Functional CollaborationBuilding an Integrative Solution for HealthcareThe Missing Know-HowWhat I Am Passionate About Developing Products That Matter Validating a Big Product Bet Building a Functionality-Rich Product From ScratchNavigating Through a Meandering CareerCoping Under PressureProduct Change ManagementA Guide to Announcing New Features EffectivelyThe Move From Manager to Senior ManagerLearn the Skills and Get the Job as a PMMaster Transition From Waterfall to AgileOrganic Leadership: Becoming a Manager Getting Ready for a Cold Start Managing UnderperformanceIntroducing Modularity and Creating ComponentizationPutting a Stake in the GroundFrom Innovation Lab to Innovative EngineeringClosing a Candidate: How a Customized Narrative Can HelpHelping Product as an Engineering Leader Being a New Engineering Leader on a TeamSet Realistic Expectations with Upper ManagementHow I Improved Test AutomationWhy and How to Advocate for Your EmployeesMoving From a Team Member to ManagerMotivating the Team SpiritDealing With Manager Who Is in a Different CountryEveryone Is a Potential Leader Outcome vs. Output-Driven OrganizationsHow to Maintain a Startup MentalityHow to Align Various Internal Stakeholders and Their Requests When to Build New FeaturesThe Ability to Inspire People Towards a Common GoalHow to Advance When There Is No Career LadderBuilding a Next-Gen Product What Failures Can Teach Us: Migrating to Cloud-Native MicroservicesHandling Ambiguity in the Workspace From Building Features to Leading Product DevelopmentHow to Break Down Team SilosIdentifying the Real ProblemReducing Tech Debt: Roll Up Your SleevesIntroducing the Agile Mindset Transforming a Waterfall Team Into a High-Performing Agile TeamHow to Run Horizontal Teams At ScaleHow to Encourage Innovation in a Large OrganizationDeveloping a Rewards and Recognition ProgramFrom Zero From the First 20 CustomersManaging Expectations on a Highly Visible Project Deciding to Build Vs. Leverage Short-Term Vs. Long-Term HiringHow Do Set Clear Hiring Expectations Managing Experienced People How Smart Managers Deal With Toxic EmployeesSecrets to Finding Niche TalentsHow to Grow at WorkFinding a Balance Between Staying Hands-On and Letting Things GoHelping Ramp Up TeamworkFinding the Right Office Space for a StartupFundraising in the MidwestBeing a Manager from ScratchEnhancing Communication in Distributed DevelopmentInvolving QA in the Development ProcessRemote Onboarding: Setting New Hires Up for SuccessTurning Around a Dysfunctional Team How to Attract Talent to a StartupShipping Cloud-Native Software With a Focus on Sustainable OperabilityHow to Cope With Job Stress and Build ResilienceWhy It Is Time to Think About Women LeadershipSuccessfully Handling Team TransitionGiving Back to Other Women in the IndustryScaling PurposefullyKnowing When It’s Time to Move OnBalancing Work and FamilyBeing an Advocate for Other WomenEffective Collaboration Between Engineering and SalesProviding Actionable Advice to an Employee Who Wishes to AdvanceThe Value of Speed and IterationProviding Better One-on-OnesGrowing Into a LeaderTransitioning From IC to ManagerPrioritizing as Your Start-Up ScalesSetting Goals and Evaluating PerformanceLeadership vs. ManagementInterviewing for the Future of the CompanyConnecting the Dots Between Data Science and Business ChallengesBuilding a New Internal Data Science TeamPreparing to Transition to an IPOImplementing Development ProcessesInfluencing Others as a LeaderDon’t Be a Victim of Your Difficult EmployeeTips For Your First Leadership RoleResiliency — the Ability to Bounce BackEssential Tips for Meeting a DeadlineWhat to Do When Joining a Non-Structured TeamManaging Two Teams With Different NeedsDelivering the Best Solution Starts with Listening to Users Crossing the Chasm Between Value and ROI Moving From Cowboy to Agile DeliveryAligning Towards Product DiscoveryDon’t Promote Best Engineers to ManagersBetween a Rock and a Hard PlaceHow to Prioritize Engineering Work When Everything Is ImportantDeveloping a Strategic PlanPrioritizing the Well-Being of Your TeamHiring Externally vs. Promoting InternallyDealing With Two Different ExtremesFinding Unity Through a Common MissionBuilding Teams RemotelyPlotting Out a Career Map for Your EmployeesThe IC vs. Managerial MindsetThe Importance of One-on-OnesRational AgileBeing the Only Woman In the RoomBalancing Empathy with DisciplineDeveloping Emotional Intelligence as a ManagerMaking Information Security a Company-Wide PriorityDelivering an Effective Performance ReviewThe First Three Phases of a CompanyTransitioning From Vice President of Engineering to CTOHaving Impact on ICs as a ManagerGiving Juniors an Opportunity to GrowStructuring Cross-Functional TeamsNavigating Through a Meandering CareerBuilding a Fully Cross-Functional Team Mastering Delegation: A First-Time Manager’s PerspectiveNavigating Freelance WorkCreating My First Product From ScratchSoftware Development Life Cycle: A Product Guy’s PerspectiveProblems With Prioritization: A Glass Jar Metaphor Why Establishing Long-Term Relationship With Your Manager Can Benefit YouHow and Why You Should Hire “Boomerang” EmployeesChallenges Faced as the Vice President of EngineeringRight Is Better Than Fast Making Moves: Transitioning from Engineering to Product ManagementEnabling Rural CoverageThe Simple Rule for Prioritization Tips to Align StakeholdersChallenges of Working From HomeStructuring a Scaling Team to Optimize for GrowthDoes Remote Work Really Work?On the Way From an IC to a ManagerManaging Employee Experience During Hyper-GrowthHow to Adapt the Roadmap Process to a Hyper-Growth ScaleupHandling Layoffs for the First TimeFlexibility and Listening as a ManagerHow to Do Performance ReviewsSetting Up a Product Team for SuccessDeveloping a One-Year Execution Strategy Leading a Globally Distributed Team My Transition From a Large Corporation to an Early-Stage StartupKeeping Up With Rapid Growth for High-Performance Engineering TeamsWhen a Lack of Clarity Impacts PerformanceBuilding Trust With a New TeamIs Becoming an EM a PromotionReaching Out to a Struggling PeerProviding Career Guidance to Your EmployeesThinking Long-Term When Adopting New TechnologyOvercoming Imposter Syndrome as a New ManagerLetting an Employee Go With KindnessLearning to Step Back as a ManagerSelf-Actualizing as a Woman in TechBecoming the Manager Who Makes a DifferenceChanging the Tone of the Room as a New ManagerBuilding an Engineering Team CultureSustainable Scaling: A Myth or RealityMaximizing Positive Impact as a CompanyFollowing the Customer’s LeadWorking With Different Styles of CommunicationWriting a Manager’s User ManualPrioritizing Time as a ManagerEngaging With a Candidate During the InterviewUnderstanding How a Mission Impacts the WorldThe Pros and the Cons of a Career LadderUnderstanding the Difference Between Working as a Technician and Working as a ManagerBuilding Relationships While Integrating Oneself into a New CultureFinding Your Calling as You Specialize in Your FieldRestructuring a Team Methodically Leading Your Reports to the Careers of Their DreamsLearning How to Overcome the Language BarrierHow to Inspire Innovation Holding Partner Teams AccountableSupporting Your Team in the Midst of ChangeHow to Structure an Effective One-on-OneBeing a Manager of a New Manager How to Build Happy TeamsManaging Twenty-Five Direct ReportsBuilding an Effective TeamMost Productive Version of Yourself Restructuring a Growing Team: A Lesson in Adjusting the Spotify ModelHack Your Team: How to Stay Connected With Your Remote TeamAdjusting My Military Leadership StyleWhen AI Features Are Market-ReadyBuilding a Practical Career Ladder for EngineersOptimizing for Results Instead of Velocity Learning What It Means to Become a Servant LeaderThe Parking Lot Method of Team DevelopmentAvoiding the Trap of “The Perfect Candidate” When Many Employees Leave the Company SimultaneouslyLeaving Your Company as a ManagerBeing in the Wrong Place at the Wrong TimeCollaborating With a Cross-Functional ExpertFinding Common Ground With Those of Different BackgroundsMusings of a Former Start-Up FounderWorking From Home Can Be Fun and Productive When Done RightWhy Leaders Should Focus on Strengths, Not WeaknessesHow to Create a Tailored Growth Plan For Your TeamsManaging Tight Deadlines While Building a New TeamHow to Creatively Juggle Technical Debt and Product PrioritiesPromoting With a Career LadderInvesting in Improvement Vs. Investing in a Potentially High-Yielding BetHow Context Evolves as You Advance as a ManagerAligning Your Product Strategy With Your Company’s Overall StrategyHow to Delegate EffectivelyWhat Makes the Perfect One-on-One?Designing a Leveling Rubric for a Small CompanyHow to Uplift a Competent Employee Troubled by Interpersonal ProblemsFinding the Right Moment of Opportunity to Advance YourselfTesting, Learning, and Improving: Building a Successful System ProgressivelyStanding up for an Employee in TroubleMaking the Most of User Data in Early-Stage ProductsMentorship Troubles: Finding the Right Fit Switching Career From Engineering to Product ManagementBalancing Expectations of Multiple Stakeholders The Limits to ImprovementEstablishing the Goals for an Acquired Organization Understanding a Product DomainManaging an IC Who Is Getting Ahead of the Project TimelineUsing Pre-Mortems to Set the Stage for a Successful Product LaunchChallenging the Status QuoBranching Out Your Skillset as a JuniorHealing Broken Trust in Your Team My One-on-Ones With MyselfBeing Intentional About Your Career GrowthHow to Instill a Growth Mindset in Your TeamThe Benefits of an Agile Working EnvironmentFinding Peace Between Culturally-Diverse TeamsWorking Toward a New VisionPretotyping a Product That Doesn’t Yet ExistTesting and Solving a Problem as a TeamIt Takes Focus to Make a TurnaroundAvoiding “Automatic Mode”Hiring the Candidate Who Will StayLeading with Context Helps Everybody Level UpLeveling With Your CEO EffectivelyMaintaining Your Agenda in the Long-TermResolving a Start-Up’s Dysfunctional Past as Their New Product ManagerPhasing Out an Employee Struggling to Assimilate into the Culture of the CompanyHow to Deliver Value in the Three-Sided MarketplaceHiring for a Startup Breaking Out Our Project Team Into Multiple Stream-Aligned TeamsBecoming a Manager: My Three-Step Journey Assuming the Role of the ChampionBeyond the Work/Life Balance: Connecting with Your World Deeply in Order to Find Your PurposeChoosing the Long-Term Well-Being of the Team Over the Small ThingsThinking Both Short-Term and Long-Term as a ManagerMaking the Leap from Being a Developer to a Product ManagerBecoming a Scrum MasterDealing with Personal Conflict Helping Employees Overcome Fear Managing Squads EffectivelyRelying on Sub-Managers to Improve and Optimize Creating a Safe Environment by Gathering Employee FeedbackLeading a Team Purposefully With Established ExpectationsIs Management the Right Path for YouGraduating From Developer to EntrepreneurBuilding Confidence as a New PMResolving a ConflictHiring the Right Staff and Knowing Who the Right Staff isChoosing the Right Technology Stack for Your ProjectOvercoming IT Challenges for Onboarding New HiresDire Consequences of a Lack of Product VisionStructuring a Large Team: A Two-Phase ApproachDeveloping Better Incident Response Policies Providing a Great User Experience When Expanding Internationally Balancing Work and Life as a New MotherFostering a Healthy One-on-One MentorshipWhen Delegation Means GrowthCreating Greater Alignment Among Managers How to Communicate With Former Peers Making the Connection Between Developing a Product and the Real-World Consequences of FailureFinding a Higher Calling as a ProfessionalPaving the Way for the Women of TomorrowSeeing Past the “Dark Side” of ManagementInsights on Diversity and InclusionBuilding a Structure for Scaling TeamworkLeading a Team: A Short Introduction to ChaosAchieving High Performance From a Cross-Functional TeamEmpowering Product and Engineering Leaders to Achieve the Best Business ResultsCreating a Useful Product VisionHow to Work Mindfully Without OverstressingEmployee Empowerment and Team BuildingDeveloping Leaders: What to Do When Your Team Starts to GrowBuilding Communities of PracticeCreating a Career Development SystemZero Downtime MigrationInheriting a Project Behind ScheduleLeveling Yourself Up: Keeping Up the Pace of a Rapidly Growing Company Engaging Contractors: A Framework to Minimize the Risks and Maximize the OutcomeNext Level Support Engineering (a.k.a. Incidents Management Engineering)Managing vs. Contributing as an IC: The Train/Canoe MindsetCreating a Metric to Measure Progress in an Area of AmbiguityLearning to Speak the Languages of Many Types of ReportsDealing With the Catastrophic Failure of an Important ProductShrinking the Ego and Becoming Receptive to Others“Right-Sizing” Your Team With EmpathyThe Early Days of AgilityDriving Freestyle Innovation Inside Large OrganizationsBecoming the Type of Leader That You Would Want to FollowUpgrading Old Processes to Meet the Goals of the FutureThe Antidote to Being Too Thinly SpreadImplementing a Process of Standardization for a Large CompanyBecoming a Part of the Ecosystem of Your IndustryMeeting the Needs of Your Product’s Core DemographicNegotiating Your Way Out of a Hard Product CommitmentLeveraging Professional Strengths to Overcome Personality DifferencesPlay to Their Strengths: Effectively Utilizing Offshore Resources in the Face of Deep-Rooted Prejudice The Key to Presenting to Senior-level ManagersManaging Globally Distributed TeamHow Learning New Skills are Enormously Pivotal to Your GrowthThe Ambiguous Role of a CTOOvercoming Either/Or of Tech DebtThe In-Between of Being an IC and a ManagerCoaching Before Radical Candor Moving from Data as a Product to Data as a Service Don’t Go to a Vendor for a SolutionThe Critical Role of Conflict Resolution in TeamsThe Key to Horizontal Leadership Roles Across Product TeamsHow to Keep Team Morale High During Difficult TimesCoaching Juniors With No CS DegreeHow to Make an Offshore Team Feel IncludedDrawing the Line Between the Roles of a CTO and an EMHow to Handle Different Goal-Setting SystemsNurturing the Well-Being of Isolated Employees Working RemotelyChoosing Candidates Who Share Your Company CultureMoving the Needle as a New ManagerDistressing About ‘Work-Life Balance’ Can Be a TrapManaging Inconsistency in the WorkplaceHiring for Talent vs. Hiring a SkillsetAdjusting to the Freedom of Working From HomeBecoming Aware of and Accounting for Personal BiasKnowing When the Right Time to Move On Is Upon YouHow to Lead a Tech Team Without a Formal Tech DegreeCommon Pitfalls of New Engineering ManagersDelivering Impactful Product ChangesWhen a New Manager Falters Under the Burden of LeadershipProviding an Adequate System of Support for a New ManagerJoining a Pre-Existing Team as a Senior-Level LeaderHelping Juniors Level UpHow to Develop an Engineering Working Agreement Making Recruiting Everyone’s JobScaling Onboarding IterativelyHow To Make One-on-Ones More Exciting Blameless Incident ManagementBuilding a Culture of Ownership and User EmpathyTransitioning From a Fortune 20 Company to a Start-Up Just Finding Its PlaceWorkshopping a Team and Clearing the Way for SuccessBuilding Software in a Hardware CompanyImproving Diversity InitiativesHow NOT to Introduce a New Revenue Model Breaking Out of a Feature Factory Managing a QA Team for the First TimeGetting Machine Learning Projects UnstuckHelping Your Team Understand Its ScopePutting Fear Aside While Growing Into a New RoleEmotional Intelligence‌ in ManagementMaintaining Productivity as a Quickly-Scaling TeamCombining Styles of Leadership Motivating Development Through Employee Enrichment How a Framework Can Kill ProductivityHow to Scale User Feedback How to Cultivate Customer EmpathyFlexing Your Management StyleEncouraging Your Team to Make Decisions Autonomously How to Bring New People to Your Team Two Months Into a New RoleDeveloping a Strategy: Abstracting Up Vs. Adding Why Defining Engineering Principles Is CriticalTaking a Product From a Concept to LaunchUsing Data to Increase One’s Sphere of InfluenceMoving On With a Technical Proof of Concept How to Choose Between Different VendorsGetting Buy-In from Senior Executives When Promotion Comes Too Quickly Taking Over a New Team When Unfamiliar With the DomainMaking of a Bi-Directional, Prioritized RoadmapScaling Processes in a StartupPivoting Your Business During Covid-19Collaborating and Brainstorming New Product Ideas in a Remote WorldAdopting Agile by Piloting Projects Advocating for Your ProductPromoting the Same Product in Multiple MarketsMultiple Scrum Teams Work on the Same ProductManage Default Product Settings for New and Existing UsersFour Common Challenges of a First-Time ManagerOne-On-Ones Through a Cultural LensActing Quickly To Resolve an Incident Securing Support For a Revamped AppThe Critical Role of User ResearchWhen Your Manager LeavesTransitioning From a Large Company to a StartupBuilding a New Domain TeamStrategic Thinking for EngineersConscious Career GrowthHow I Succeed at Convincing… EveryoneUsing Snippets to Track Performance and GrowthHow to Establish Yourself as a Leader Debugging Your Own GrowthBeing Intentional About Diversity and InclusionThe Benefits of ReturnshipPausing for Innovation How to Retain Women EngineersHelping Your Reports Choose The Right Career Path Shipping Products Faster with ConfidenceLeading Post-AcquisitionHow to Balance the Continual Proliferation of Ideas With Limited ResourcesBuilding a Brand New Data ProductStreamlining a Data Science TeamBuilding a DevOps Team and Re-Architecting the Product: A Matter of PriorityManaging an East Coast Team From the West Coast Leading a Team in Different Geographies Embracing People From Non-Traditional BackgroundsThe Benefits of DocumentationTech Debt Is a People ProblemPicking the Right Tool for a Remote Engineering TeamTurning Product Usage Data Into User FeaturesHow Data Made Me More Confident to Drive Big DecisionsHelping Engineers Become Well-Rounded Product ManagersKeeping Your Team Motivated and Connected in the Midst of PandemicStruggling to Deliver Negative FeedbackIncreasing Visibility When Doing WellLearning to Delegate My Hackathon StoryFocusing on Customer Problems Joint Skip-Level MeetingsInterviewing for an Entry-Level Product Role: Why Presentations MatterIncreasing Test Coverage Introducing OKRs: A Lesson in Compromise Modifying the Shape Up ProcessPromotion Alignment Amongst ManagersBuilding and Formalizing a Career Ladder in a Startup From Chaos to Structure on the Operations TeamHow to Formalize a Career Ladder How to Build a Platform Team Budgeting Troubles and Headcount CostsA Founder’s Dilemma: Choosing Between Technology and Customers Building Trust or Doing a ReorgTwo Key Elements of a New Manager’s MindsetIntroducing Engineering Design When Words Bear More WeightThe Pursuit of Impact: My First Year at NetflixSecuring Buy-In for New MetricsWhy Hiring Juniors Hiring a CTO… and Letting Them GoHow to Unlock the Potential of Your Average Engineer Managing Career Growth of Your Reports How to Drive a Team Vision as a First-Time Manager How to Be AcquiredIn-House Mentorship Program: Creating Learning Opportunities for EngineersDeveloping a Career Development PlanBeing Explicit About a Work-Life BalanceWhen Being Helpful BackfiresDelivering a New Beta Product on a Tight DeadlineImproving Peer Review PracticeLeveraging Roadmap Planning for Engagement and AlignmentBuilding a Product Team: Identifying Desired Attributes and Activities Creating Space on Your Roadmap for Innovation and ImprovementsBuilding a Platform TeamHow to Drive Operational ExcellenceLeading an Organization Through a Colossal ChangeAdapting Scrum to Continuous DeploymentTech Debt BankruptcyA Lack of Clear Vision and the Team MoraleRestructuring a Team: How to Enhance Accountability and OwnershipLearning to Sell Integrating a Junior Engineer Into a New TeamBalancing Your Team and Product Sponsor’s Requirements (Not) Finding the Right JobBringing a New Product to Market Dropping the Ball ExplicitlyBuilding a Startup Within a Large Corporation Evaluating Engineers: A Three-Step GuideWhen an Engineer Has to Make Product Decisions Understand the History of Agile, or Be Doomed To Repeat ItAvoid Failure: Know Your HypothesesHandling Frustrating Feature RequestsGetting a Team More Efficient and Excited in a Remote-First Environment How to Deliver Complex Cross-Functional Projects How to Empower Teams to Be More AutonomousLearn or Die!Horizontally Scaling the Engineering OrganizationHiring for a Director of EngineeringCultivating the Company Culture in a Hyper-Growth StartupHow to Drive Product Strategy in a B2B Sales-Driven CompanyAdapting the Existing Product Suite for a New MarketAligning a Product Tech StackCreating an Evolving Process to Address Customer Issues Creating an In-House Mentorship Program Fostering a Culture of ExperimentationHow to Ensure Team Coherence When Working RemotelyCreating a Culture of QualityIntroducing Design in the Roadmap Creation ProcessEven High Performers Need Direction and SupportHow to Level Up Your Design TeamHow to Overcome a Sense of Worthlessness Building a Gender-Balanced Engineering TeamHow to Deal With a Junior Engineer Who Is Resolute on Rewriting the CodeLeading With CuriosityAccepting Tough DecisionsOne Culture, One Organization, One Mission… Post-AcquisitionStructuring a Startup for ScaleDistributed Leadership Before It Was CoolBuilding a Diverse, but Cohesive TeamHead or Tail: What PMs Should Be AfterOvercoming the Multi-Person Identity ChallengeWhy a Risk-Driven Product RoadmapManaging Cross-Team DependenciesBringing Tangible Results Within the First QuarterBuilding Internal Tools and Balancing Different Stakeholders’ RequirementsManaging Team Conflict and Helping Engineers Gain ConfidenceChoosing the Right Management StyleBuilding the Automated Testing CultureHow to Deal With a Seismic Change in StrategyProactively Minimizing the Burden of Technical Support on Your OrganizationBuilding an Internal Product: How to Manage Internal StakeholdersCoaching Your Managers to Solve Their Own ProblemsHow Managers Can Spot Burnout in Their EmployeesWhen to Hire Senior Engineers and Tech Leads Shaping the Culture of a New TeamBuilding New Remote TeamsHow to Build a Successful New Team Team Building Activities for Remote Teams Remote Hiring in the “Corona Times”How to Help an Underperforming EmployeeHow to Setup Behavioral Interviews Based on Company ValuesHow to Establish and Manage Expectations with the BusinessHelping Engineers to Become Successful Managers Making Onboarding Part of the Interviewing Process Team Leads as a Mini-CTOsLeading as an Introvert