A Support System For Your Principal Engineers.

Leadership and communication is an important part of a Principal Engineer's job. Plato helps with that.

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With Plato, our mission is to help organizations grow leaders within their engineering organization. We take care of the planning, matching, and scheduling so your team members can focus on what matters most--the conversations, advice and actionable insight.

Mentors from the best companies

Give Your Engineers the Opportunity to Grow as Leaders.

The world runs on conversations. So why not your development of great managers at your organization? Today’s best engineering leaders are using Plato to:

Better lead their teams

Better align individual and team goals to company goals

Set up a successful hiring and interview processes

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Experience sharing

Plato makes it easy for you to connect with peers who have already been there. Get answers to your most pressing questions in real-time, and get the actionable insights to gain success.

Lifelong learning

We consistently hear from our clients how much they appreciate learning about the unknown unknowns--hearing multiple perspectives from industry leaders on a similar challenge or topic that relates to the one you’re now facing.

Integrated Workflow + Reporting

With Plato you’re able to provide a resource to your engineering leaders that’s integrated in Slack, and easy to leverage. And the impact of Plato can be realized immediately--your team will be soon talking about how many actionable conversations they’ve been a part of.