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High performing leaders

High performing teams

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Why the Most Innovative Organizations Have Selected Plato?

High engagement from the end user

Actionable insights given to participants

Tailored to the preferences of each individual

Get a Turn-key Program That Impacts Key Business Metrics

We fully manage the program, so you can focus on the value delivered to your engineering and product teams

Get insight into the development needs of your employees and have the ability to offer further support

We help you further support your most precious asset - your people

Our engineering managers have found Plato to be fantastic for gathering perspective and recommendations on how to develop others, but we also found our IC engineers use Plato as well. It's been super beneficial for them to have access to valuable and insightful conversations around their career trajectory--determining if the management track is something they want to pursue."

Susan Justus
Director of Talent Development

Your team can customize their experience

Problem Solving

Have a quick challenge or problem you're working through. Get quick, actionable advice during a call.

Continuous Improvement

Learn how to receive effective feedback from your team, and keep improving your leadership potential.

Career Advice + Development

As you grow in your career, get advice on how to develop your leadership skills + move up the ladder.

Unknown Unknowns

Chat with leaders who have been in your shoes, and can share insights on things you didn't expect.