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Adam Surak

Adam Surak

Director of Infrastructure & Security at Algolia

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4 Years


Manager of Managers

Management Experience

Company Culture
Health / Stress / Burn-Out
Scaling Team
Building a Team

Hi everyone! My name is Adam Surak and I am currently Director of Infrastructure & Security at Algolia, where I lead a team of over 24 people spanning Infrastructure, SRE, Monitoring, Security and Corporate IT. Looking forward to meeting you!

Hey, I'm available every Thursday at 5:00 PM (GMT)

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  July 16, 2020
  5:00 PM (GMT)

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Pitch Me on Why You Want to be a Manager
2 April

Adam Surak, Director of Infrastructure and Security at Algolia, mandates that individuals contributors sell him on their decision to pursue management and what he’s looking for in the answers that they give.

Career Path
Adam Surak

Adam Surak

Director of Infrastructure & Security at Algolia

Implementing a Rotation for Operations Toil
2 April

Adam Surak, Director of Infrastructure and Security at Algolia, discusses the constraints his team had in addressing operations toil and how he mapped out a solution that led to autonomy and accountability.

Scaling Team
Health / Stress / Burn-Out
Adam Surak

Adam Surak

Director of Infrastructure & Security at Algolia


Founder & CTO

Creontech s.r.o.

Oct 2011 - Aug 2013

Lead programmer and technology architect at web project www.pikr.cz. The project was awarded in competition Nápad roku (trans. Idea of the Year). Project became free-time activity.

Founder & Network Engineer

Creontech LAN party

Dec 2010 - Apr 2013

Since founding I have been the core administrator in network and server area, while being the lead organizer of the whole event, including fundraising, logistics and operations. By applying the knowledge from the industry we have created the most high-tech LAN event in Czech Republic. I have been managing the whole staff/admin team of 20 people. In a team of 2 we have come with various network topology designs allowing for faster and cheaper deployment without sacrificing reliability. We never had a single physical installation of a server, everything was virtualized since the very first event.

Founder & IT Director

MSV STUDÉNKA s.r.o., Creontech division

Oct 2009 - Dec 2012

Leader of division providing services in web development, webdesign, graphics and outsourcing with aim to newly established companies. PHP and JavaScript programming. MySQL databases. Consulting deployment of various technologies in companies.

System Administrator


Jul 2004 - Dec 2012

Led the development of ICT infrastructure and services from 2 person and 1 small office company to 50 persons and 2 locations company. Managed Linux servers and Windows workstations environment. Later migrated to Windows SBS 2008 R2 with Exchange 2010 including Windows domain and Cisco/3Com/Ubiquity/Others based network hardware. VMware virtualized infrastructure with iSCSI storage. Provided technical support on all levels and in all areas.

Network Engineer


Apr 2011 - Jul 2012

Network administrator and network architect on biggest esport LAN event in Czech Republic. In a team of 3 we were supposed to build a network for hundreds of stations in a day, maintain and monitor such network for a day and then take it apart in half a day. I have brought virtualization to the infrastructure allowing for faster and more flexible deployment of required servers. With that I have changed the way network security policy was perceived.

Lead Developer


Jan 2007 - Dec 2009

Free-time developed web-based game. Development started in early 2007 and continued till 2009. The team consisted of three programmers, designer and two storytellers and balancers. The introduce for its time an innovative idea of moving from turn-based web-game into real-time, making it more demanding and more engaging. Later on the game served as a sandbox for testing new technologies and programming approaches like safe login, double account detection and defences against various types of attacks from SQL injection to XSS and DoS. The game was programmed in PHP using MySQL database and JavaScript for client-side dynamics.

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