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Zohar Babin

Zohar Babin

EVP Platform & Growth at Kaltura

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  • Friday 3rd Dec8:00 AM (GMT)

Zohar is the Chief Troublemaker and head of Kaltura's Special Ops. He was forged in the fires of startup-nation and trained in the secret art of “everything goes” at the change of the millennia. With strong background in programming, video editing, 3D, community, strategy, marketing, and sales, Zohar is the super glue to connect fast growing teams, and the person you call when everyone told you "it's impossible". When he’s not busy dreaming about new economies, Zohar enjoys breaking things (norms, misconceptions), and building new things (code, art, bets). He lives a life of splendor and his only regret are carbs. Specializing in herding cats, architecting strategic relationships and turning code to cash. I am passionate about bringing people, ideas and technology together developing early ideas and turning chaos env's into successful business and product initiatives through advocacy, innovation, tech and community.

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