Yixin Zhu

Yixin Zhu

Senior Engineering Manager, Tech Programs at Tempo

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Hey there my name is Yixin (pronounced yee-shin) and I'm an engineer who stumbled my way into the TPM role and now I help others succeed by creating their own path. I found my path on a random Tuesday sitting in the breakroom stress-eating goldfish (ask me about it). Currently, I lead Tech Programs @ Tempo which consists of a scrappy team of TPMs, PgMs, and QA/Devops engineers. I love fitness, boba, and my australian shepherd, Emma, who never fails to zoom-bomb me during any and all zoom calls. Reach out if you want to say hi (to me or to Emma)!

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5 Years


Manager of Managers


Education / eTech
Food / Foodtech
Real Estate
Consumer Goods
Consumer Electronics
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