Wissam Abirached

Wissam Abirached

Senior Engineering Manager at GitHub

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    My name is Wissam and I'm a Senior Engineering Manager at GitHub, leading a team that is responsible for our global scale public APIs. I've had the privilege to work remotely full-time for over 4 years now, including at two of the biggest remote companies: GitHub and InVision. This has helped shape my thoughts and philosophy on scaling engineering organizations and managing remote teams. I focus on fostering strong engineering cultures in distributed organizations to increase impact.

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    Introducing Engineering Design

    27 February

    Wissam Abirached, Senior Engineering Manager at GitHub, shares how he introduced engineering design and what were its most immediate benefits.

    Team Processes
    When Words Bear More Weight

    27 February

    Wissam Abirached, Senior Engineering Manager at GitHub, tells of his transition from an IC to a manager on the same team and how that impacted his participation in technical discussions.

    Internal Communication
    Team Processes
    New Manager
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