Walter Lee

Walter Lee

Former Head of Product at Stessa

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Hello! I've been working in Silicon Valley / San Francisco for the last 20 years. I started my career as a software engineer, transitioned to a product manager, and served as Head of Product at 3 startups where I have done a mix of hands-on PM work and managing other product managers. I am currently on sabbatical, spending more time with my family (I'm a new dad) and deciding what's next. I have always enjoyed coaching my teammates (not just my direct reports but also indirect reports and peers), and enthusiastic about helping out others here. Specific topics I enjoy talking about: - Identifying how a PM can best contribute to their particular team, by matching strengths and weaknesses to find complements - Adding just enough process to prevent chaos without hurting agility - Resolving personality conflicts - Changing career from engineering to product management

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8 Years


Manager of ICs


Financial Services / Fintech
Marketing & Advertising
Real Estate

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Head of Product


Jun 2018 - Aug 2021

First Product Manager at Stessa. Managed team of 1 PM and 1 Product Designer. Stessa was acquired by Roofstock in February 2021, and I stayed to complete the transition.

Head of Product


Jan 2014 - Jun 2018

First product manager and employee #7 when company was at Seed stage. As the company grew from Series A through D, I grew the product team to 6 product managers and 3 designers. This role required me to be both hands-on and strategic: I got my hands dirty answering customer support questions, triaging bugs, and writing stories and acceptance criteria. At the same time, I was also responsible for managing & communicating the overall roadmap, presenting to executives at customers & prospects, and attending & presenting at board meetings.

Co-Founder and Head of Product


Feb 2012 - Feb 2014

As one of 3 co-founders, I wore many hats: product manager, front-end engineer, API architect, and dev ops. I drove all phases of our lean development process: prioritizing features, building product, delivering to customers, learning from metrics, and iterating. We were a member of Orange Fab's inaugural class.

Director of Product Management


Nov 2009 - Dec 2010

Product owner for all NileGuide content, including system for producing original content and platform for integrating content from external partners. Coached 1 new product manager who transitioned from an editorial role. Led acquisition of another startup and managed the integration.

Product Manager


Aug 2008 - Oct 2009

Product Manager for Google TV Ads and YouTube Partners

Software Engineer


Feb 2003 - Sep 2008

Software engineer for Google AdWords and Google TV Ads

Software Engineer


Jul 2001 - Feb 2003

Software engineer for Handspring Treo

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