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Vrashabh Irde

Vrashabh Irde

Head of Engineering at carwow

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8 Years


Manager of Managers

Management Experience


Hello fellow mentors! I'm Vrashabh. I'm the head of engineering at a startup called carwow in London. Previously I've worked as a dev manager at Amazon in Edinburgh, at various startups in Bangalore (India). I also helped build a startup a while ago with Imagine-K12 (which is now a part of YC) so it's really fun to join as a mentor at a YC startup. I've worked with and managed many teams of different sizes and composition and interviewed more than <insert-large-three-digit-number> engineers. I am working on scaling my own skills to manage other managers. Excited to share experiences, learn and grow my network!

Hey, I'm available every Friday at 10:00 AM (GMT)

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  December 4, 2020
  10:00 AM (GMT)


Identifying and letting underperforming engineers go
5 December

Before giving up hope, Vrash paid close attention to and worked closely with an engineer who seemed to be struggling to keep up with the rest of the team. Despite his efforts to help, Vrash’s report was unable to display the necessary improvements. Thanks to the time and effort given to the situation, when it was time to let the engineer go, Vrash had solid data to back his decision. Moreover, their working relationship had evolved in such a way that the dismissal was amicable; and Vrash was able to help the engineer find a better-suited position elsewhere.

Coaching / Training / Mentorship
Salary / Work Conditions
Vrashabh Irde

Vrashabh Irde

Head of Engineering at carwow


Software Development Manager, Dynamic Advertising


Oct 2017 - May 2018

Amazon is the most customer-centric website on Earth. I worked for Dynamic Advertising (DA), an important advertising channel for Amazon. DA has tremendous scale and my teams worked with critical systems that handle 30 Billion bid requests a day with an SLA of 40ms per request. \* I led a 2 pizza team of Machine Learning Research Scientists and Development engineers. We built world class real time bidding models (Neural Nets). I also led a team responsible for customer facing ad creatives. \* Responsible for delivery and strategic leadership, Operational Excellence (OE) and career trajectory management of my direct reports. \* Led a project to build monitoring dashboards that spotted falling trends in model bias performances across marketplaces early that lead to finding issues quicker. \* Led an agile rewrite of implementation processes for the team to introduce sprint based kanban planning (Scrumban) with a vision to improve predictability of delivery within the org. \* Worked with multiple stakeholders across the US and APAC to efficiently, profitably and smoothly bid across the world(Amazon A9, Amazon IN marketing)

Software Development Manager, Mobile Apps


Jan 2016 - Sep 2017

\* I led a ~20 person agile cross-functional mobile platform team. We improved app retention by 2X(100%) and monthly installs by 3X(200%) within a year. \* Line managed a team of 11 great engineers and we built the mobile apps (native apps/backend API’s/infrastructure/automation), which collectively have more than a million installs across both stores. \* We built compelling and engaging features like Personal Finance tracker, Finance 101 Primer, and other personalised features on the mobile apps. Try us out! \* Was In charge of people development (regular 1-1's, retrospectives). Three promo's and attrition < 10% in 2 years. \* Interviewed more than a 100 senior engineers, TL's and SDM's, to help hire the best people at BB (Tech / Fitment /Bar raising). Also involved in morphing HR processes to improve hiring funnels \* Co-created a team called tech brand that is responsible for improving the tech brand outside and inside Bankbazaar via hackathons, blogs and fun fridays. (20% project).

Engineering Manager, Mobile Labs


Jun 2015 - Jan 2016

In my short stint at INSZoom, worked on zoomlee, a powerful and easy-to-use app to securely store all your family's documents in a single location. \* KRA’s around Product development and coding (80%), people/processes (20%). \* Built a kickass team of 3 via internal hackathons and sped up app development by 2X (Kanban). \* Wrote code for, and shipped major app and server updates to both the app stores. (Android , iOS, php). \* Drove the complete revamp of backend architecture from Zend PHP to the .Net framework. \* Helped drive marketing for the apps via innovative channels like digital marketing, Facebook ads and physical stall marketing. \* Brought in a hacker culture and philosophy to the overall org (modelled on Facebook).

Applications Engineer

Oracle Corporation

Aug 2010 - Dec 2010

In my short stint at Oracle, worked in the retail R&D business unit. \* KRA’s around bug fixing and coding (100%). \* Helped build a backend for a data warehouse product called Retail Analytics. \* Fixed bugs in the Retail management system (RMS v11.0).

Software Engineer

Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions

Aug 2008 - Aug 2010

Started my career at Robert Bosch, India a leading supplier of Technology and services headquartered in Germany. \* KRA’s around Product development and coding (100%). \* Wrote mathematical algorithms related to dynamic price calculations and lots of front end code on Oracle Forms. \* Shipped a Multi Lingual Translation tool for Bosch Worldwide, built on Oracle forms and PL/SQL. \* Wrote database and fronted (dev and maintenance) code for a Market Sales and Planning software for Bosch worldwide.

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