Vrashabh Irde

Vrashabh Irde

Head of Engineering at carwow

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    Hello fellow mentors! I'm Vrashabh. I'm the head of engineering at a startup called carwow in London. Previously I've worked as a dev manager at Amazon in Edinburgh, at various startups in Bangalore (India). I also helped build a startup a while ago with Imagine-K12 (which is now a part of YC) so it's really fun to join as a mentor at a YC startup. I've worked with and managed many teams of different sizes and composition and interviewed more than <insert-large-three-digit-number> engineers. I am working on scaling my own skills to manage other managers. Excited to share experiences, learn and grow my network!

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    Identifying and letting underperforming engineers go

    5 December

    Before giving up hope, Vrash paid close attention to and worked closely with an engineer who seemed to be struggling to keep up with the rest of the team. Despite his efforts to help, Vrash’s report was unable to display the necessary improvements. Thanks to the time and effort given to the situation, when it was time to let the engineer go, Vrash had solid data to back his decision. Moreover, their working relationship had evolved in such a way that the dismissal was amicable; and Vrash was able to help the engineer find a better-suited position elsewhere.

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