Viswa Mani Kiran Peddinti

Viswa Mani Kiran Peddinti

Sr Engineering Manager at Instacart

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    I currently lead the Dependable Shopping experience at Instacart. My team is responsible for making the shopping experience of Instacart customers highly dependable so they can achieve the goals they come to Instacart for. Specialities: - Building hyper growth product teams - Engineer by heart, Product lover, and Entrepreneur by passion. Started, grew and shut down a startup to know how to do it better. - Machine Learning, Data Science, Recommendation Systems, Search algorithms, Ranking and Relevance.

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    Scaling a Team in Two Parts: The Product and Manager

    2 August

    Viswa Mani Kiran Peddinti, Sr Engineering Manager at Instacart, walks through his experience scaling a team, product and his skills as a leader.

    Managing Expectations
    Scaling Team
    Team Development Framework for new managers

    26 June

    Individual Contributors are familiar with a technical development framework that helps them with building products. Managers, especially new managers can leverage a parallel framework to help them build their teams while drawing analogies from an already familiar framework.

    Building A Team
    Team Processes
    New Manager
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    Senior Engineering Manager


    Jun 2021 - current

    I lead a team from BE, Web, and Native engineers to build experiences that makes Instacart customers have a dependable experience.

    Engineering Manager


    Nov 2019 - Jun 2021

    At the tail end, I lead four teams that were responsible for building products that allows Airbnb hosts to comply with Short term rental regulations. My team was building a product platform that allows us to scale these regulatory products from 1/quarter to 200/quarter. The team was also responsible ensuring Airbnb and it's hosts are 100% compliant with all the regulations by building a Compliance platform that can take varied actions on Airbnb. The team was also responsible for building City Portal, a first of its kind web portal for Regulators to interact with Airbnb

    Co-Founder & CEO

    Meed Inc

    Apr 2014 - Nov 2016

    Meed is a Social College Recruiting Platform. Started as the CTO and later assumed the role of CEO. Built most of the product and features from scratch using Ruby on Rails, Angular JS and Javascript. Created and Implemented the Search, Recommendations, Feed, Job Matching algorithms and corresponding ML models. Designed and maintained the engineering stack on AWS along with third-party open source applications like ElasticSearch, Redis and MongoDB . Scaled up the infrastructure to handle 100X RPM while reducing and maintaining latency at 250ms. Grew users by 20x over a period of 5 months while maintaining a 50% MAU engagement. Lead a team of 3 full-time employees (Sales, Marketing & content writer), 3 overseas developers and testers. Responsible for Product, Business, Corporate Development and Partnerships

    Software Engineer

    Google Inc.

    Mar 2014 - Aug 2015

    Member of Google Shopping Ads Quality team (serving ads related to shopping queries on Experimented and Launched multiple features to the CTR models that improved around 1% AUC. Launched new Auction format and scenarios that generated over $1 M revenue. Created a new generic auction framework that replaced existing auction framework. The new framework supported new auction scenario opportunities that were not possible before and the existing framework would be a special case.

    Research Software Engineer

    Microsoft Corportation

    Feb 2012 - Feb 2014

    Worked in different capacities * work as a Data Scientist and support different teams for their Machine Learning needs like Classifiers, Ranking & Relevance problems etc. * Build Local Recommendation system for Windows Phone * Built a plugin based Data Validation Framework that can measure quality and validate data sets based on pre-provided rules. Currently used widely across Bing to perform automated validation of data and feeds.

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