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Vinodh Sundararajan

Vinodh Sundararajan

Sr. Engineering Director at Earnin

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    I am an engineering leader and problem solver. I love living on the edge intersecting people, technology & product. I excel at transforming business/product goals into engineering problem definitions - even when the ideas are formative or vague. I have a track record of shipping software that is widely used and take great pride in what I work on. From early on in my career, I have demonstrated an aptitude for leadership and have built high quality enduring teams and products that live on! As an engineering leader I believe you can both be demanding and compassionate; that high performance teams are built as team work, creativity and passion as its foundation. I am the sort of person that will find the one reason why things can be done even there are a thousand reasons why something cannot be done!

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    12 Years


    Manager of Managers


    Cloud Services
    Consumer Electronics
    Computer Software
    Financial Services / Fintech

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    Restructuring a Team Methodically

    21 June

    Vinodh Sundararajan, Senior Engineering Director at Earnin, shares his experience restructuring a cross-functional team from the ground up, providing context and streamlining the work at hand simultaneously.

    Dev Processes
    Leading Your Reports to the Careers of Their Dreams

    21 June

    Vinodh Sundararajan, Senior Engineering Director at Earnin, takes a closer look into the individual trajectories of his reports, coaching them to success according to what he finds.

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