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Vidal Graupera

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Vidal Graupera is an Engineering Manager at LinkedIn. He hosts the popular "Managers Club" website and podcast, where you will find interviews with successful engineering leaders and managers at Previously Vidal was an Engineering Manager at Uber, Autodesk, and WalmartLabs. Vidal holds engineering degrees from Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Southern CA, and also an MBA from Santa Clara University. He served in the US Navy Reserve as an Engineering Duty Officer. A son of Cuban immigrants, Vidal was born in Miami, FL. Vidal is the author of "The Software Engineering Manager Interview Guide", "Time Management for Engineering Managers", "Engineering Leadership Interviews: Lessons Learned and Best Practices Gathered from Interviews with Top Engineering Leaders Around the World" and a co-author of "Pro Smartphone Cross-Platform Development: iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Android Development and Distribution" from Apress.

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Engineers As Scrum Masters

4 April

Vidal Graupera discusses his experience of having Engineers operate as Scrum Masters, and how this affects his role as Manager.

Coaching / Training / Mentorship
Agile / Scrum
Hiring and Managing Successful Remote Teams

4 April

Vidal Graupera talks about he successfully hired and ran a team comprised of both remote and local workers.

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