Vidal Graupera

Vidal Graupera

Engineering Manager at LinkedIn

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I am Vidal Graupera. I currently work as an Eng manager at LinkedIn. Glad to join this elite group. I am originally from Miami, FL. My experience spans from having my own startup to working at huge companies like Walmart. I have a lot of passion around creating products and also with mobile and web technologies.

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Engineers As Scrum Masters
4 April

Vidal Graupera discusses his experience of having Engineers operate as Scrum Masters, and how this affects his role as Manager.

Agile / Scrum
Coaching / Training / Mentorship
Vidal Graupera

Vidal Graupera

Engineering Manager at LinkedIn

Hiring and Managing Successful Remote Teams
4 April

Vidal Graupera talks about he successfully hired and ran a team comprised of both remote and local workers.

Vidal Graupera

Vidal Graupera

Engineering Manager at LinkedIn


Engineering Manager


May 2018 - Oct 2019

I lead a team of up to 17 front-end engineers across different offices working on internal web tools using React, node.js, ES6/ES7, etc. As part of the Uber Maps team, we built geospatial tools to edit and curate map information, and debug e.g. our routing micro services. The impact of these tools was to improve ETAs and pick up experiences thereby reducing cancellations and improving customer experience world wide. I drove process improvements for better execution. I am familiar with geospatial datasets and services, such as maps, geofences, traffic, local search, points of interest and business listings data, mobile device location and GPS traces. Los Ubers (Latinx ERG) Co-Chair.

Sr. Engineering Manager


May 2017 - Mar 2018

I lead several cross-functional scrum teams of front-end and server side engineers plus a DevOps team working on the next generation of Autodesk My Account Portal which enables Autodesk to transition to more flexible subscription licensing models. I directly managed up to 19 engineers in 3 scrum teams. My teams worked with React, node.js, ES6, Serverless, Java, Docker, Jenkins, AWS, creating CI/CD pipelines, among other things.

Director of Engineering @WalmartLabs


Sep 2012 - Mar 2017

Most recently, I led a technically stellar, nationwide engineering team of front-end developers working on highly scalable, mobile e-commerce site at using React, Angular, and node.js. • Recruited and built a brand new team of 14 engineers • Oversaw and prioritized increasing website conversion rate by 4x over 2 years • Directed 10x improvement in website performance over 2 years • Co-chaired quarterly mentoring circles for associates to meet senior leaders to discuss diversity and career development. • Recognized as "spark detector" aka "bar raiser” and sought after by other managers to help hire front-end developers. • Conceived, created and managed “Classrooms by Walmart” (a separate Walmart site) to enable teachers to communicate to parents school supplies and uniforms throughout school year. Recruited engineering team and coded site in Ruby on Rails.

Principal Consultant

The VDG Group

Sep 2005 - Sep 2012

Developing web and cross-platform mobile applications. Wrote and published multiple consumer oriented and professional websites using Ruby on Rails, (X)HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Linux, Amazon EC2, Apache, Mongrel, Capistrano, RSpec, and MySQL, e.g. (a contact management system for the web, Blackberry and iPhone devices), and others listed at See demonstrations, here: Notable client projects include: WALMART LABS, Mountain View, CA Sept 2011 -Sept 2012 when I converted to full-time. PAYPAL, San Jose CA Oct 2010 - Sept 2011 Working hands on with PayPal engineers on mobile (web) wallet application enabling customers to pay using PayPal at point of sale. RHOMOBILE, Cupertino, CA Jan 2009 - March 2010 Developing Cross Platform Enterprise Applications for Smartphones Developed multiple enterprise smartphone applications using rhomobile framework for iPhone, Blackberry, et. al. Wrote server synchronization modules. Developed native handheld clients for Wikipedia (top 100 in App Store free apps), SugarCRM, Remedy and others. ALEXA INTERNET (AMAZON.COM), San Francisco, CA Oct 2008 – Dec 2008 Developing Analytics Application in Zend PHP Framework and Amazon Web Services CNET Networks, San Francisco, CA Fall 2007 Enhancing Existing Ruby on Rails Enterprise Application Worked directly with stakeholders to take over and enhance an existing Ruby on Rails application for Enterprise Business Systems that manages internal projects at CNET. Completed project ahead of schedule and under budget.

VP of Engineering

Plum District

Mar 2010 - Sep 2010

Worked hands on writing and deploying the initial website written in Ruby on Rails. Managed initial engineering team and set up engineering processes. I product managed the development of the Plum District's native iPhone application. I provide ongoing senior engineering support to Plum District as consultant through VDG Group.

Software Development Engineer

Jan 2008 - Oct 2008

Developer on a community oriented site built using Ruby on Rails, memcache, Apache, MYSQL, and Javascript. Principal developer Unspun by Amazon\_lists/ a Facebook application. These apps were discontinued on Oct 10, 2008. See me for more details.

President/CEO & Founder

iambic, Inc.

Jan 1994 - Aug 2005

Innovative developer and marketer of powerful, award-winning, user-friendly productivity-enhancing and entertainment software for handheld devices, smart phones and PCs; integral strategic partner/supplier to Apple, Sony and Palm. \* Grew from start-up, with no outside investment, into a multi-million dollar ($2M+ per year) company with comprehensive product portfolio and strong presence in the US and international markets (Europe & Japan). \* Hired, trained and developed a multinational workforce, 25+ person team (Silicon Valley, France, Ukraine), involved in design engineering, product management, customer support, and quality assurance. \* Managed state of the art e-Commerce processing 50,000+ transactions per year. \* #1 best selling product for Palm platform. Brought to market 3 top selling products. \* Launched over 12 products from conception through end of life on over 5 different platforms \* Developed and negotiated strategic partnerships with Apple, Sony, Franklin Electronics and Palm. \* Closed lucrative bundling deals, e.g. one Apple deal which licensed 40K units in the first 12 months

Lieutenant Commander / Engineering Duty Officer

United States Naval Reserve

Jan 1991 - Jan 2004

Promoted through successive leadership positions to become Lieutenant Commander and Executive Officer of Naval Reserve Unit supporting 1 of 5 US technology development/support centers for the US Navy, Marines and Coast Guard.

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