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Viacheslav Bessonov

Viacheslav Bessonov

Chief Executive Officer at Hilbert Team

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Throughout my entire career, I invariably held positions of responsibility. This enabled me to make core architecture and design decisions and choose the most appropriate tech stacks crucial for implementing a variety of time-critical projects. I was presented with a consistent opportunity to lend my natural team management skills, thereby guaranteeing project delivery in a timely fashion, never failing to meet agreed deadlines. I am an IT professional with a unique combination of software engineering and troubleshooting skills. I draw from experience offering a depth of design knowledge to deliver highly effective and creative solutions across a whole breadth of business and technology scenarios. I am a disciplined and well-organized individual, possessing an inherent ability to sensibly prioritize workloads, delegate deliverables, and steer entire projects through to their final and successful implementation.

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