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Tom Hill

Engineering Manager at Torii

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I love to solve complex problems. I design scalable, maintainable, and resilient frontend software architecture for SaaS applications. To do this, I focus on the objectives of the product, the priorities of the customers and then grow global teams of talented software engineers. I'm a technical leader with a successful software engineering career behind me. I have worked in Design, User Experience and Engineering, both in-house and for agencies. My objective is to coach the engineers in my teams to help them achieve their full potential. I do this by adjusting my management style to each individual and aligning their career ambitions with company objectives to ensure both sides get the most from the relationship. I find humans and human psychology fascinating. I have read countless books on subjects from sleep to culture to habits. Understanding the way individuals think helps identify the best way to work with and foster relationships between people in my teams. An easy place to start is with a NERIS (MBTI) profile type (Jungian mixed with Myers-Briggs). I am an INTP-A (Assertive Logician) type personality. I enjoy meeting with like-minded people and learning from others. If you want to talk about management, software architecture/engineering, or Rugby, let's chat! Professional Skills: Software Architecture | Team Development | Strategic Planning | Software Engineering | Javascript | Product Management | Agile Development | User Experience (UX) Design | User Interface (UI) Design | Coaching | Mentoring Domain Knowledge: Software as a Service (SaaS) | Web Applications | Cloud Platforms | Emerging Technology

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11 May

Tom Hill, Engineering Manager at Globality, Inc., shares how he works with a culturally diverse team based within a thirteen-hour time gap.

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