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Toby Delamore

Toby Delamore

Product Manager at Xero

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  • Monday 13th Dec7:30 PM (GMT)

I have tackled the complex world of product across a number of industries and companies, most recently Xero in New Zealand. I provide product leadership to teams so they can build great products that drive customer outcomes. My experience and knowledge has been built in product roles across some of New Zealand’s top technology companies. I have lead products to market within ecommerce and SaaS business, along leading product discovery, ideation and validation as part of the innovative thinking required to help businesses with new product ideas from a consulting perspective. Through my time in the product world, I’ve learnt that creating successful products is hard. This is my motivation to mentor others and help to understand and tackle the challenge of finding the strategic balance of solving customer problems, while delivering business value. When not working to pull together the elements that create the magic of product success, you will most likely find me tackling my never-ending list of projects around the house, trying to master some coffee art or taking the dog for a walk.

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Consumer Goods
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Establishing an Outcome-Driven Roadmap

31 October

Toby Delamore, Product Manager at Xero, describes how to establish an outcome-driven roadmap by introducing the “opportunity solution tree”.

Growing Well-Rounded Product People

31 October

Toby Delamore, Product Manager at Xero, describes how he helps his reports grow in their career and become well-rounded product professionals.

Product Team
Coaching / Training / Mentorship
Career Path
How Skip-Level Conversations Can Help You Create Strong Relationships with Your Engineers

31 October

Toby Delamore, Product Manager at Xero, explains how skip-level conversations and maintaining an attentive relationship with engineers enabled him to keep a finger on the pulse of the team.

Internal Communication
Growing the Culture of a New Product Team

31 October

Toby Delamore, Product Manager at Xero, explains why culture needs to be grown organically by a team and what is the role of a product leader in guiding that process.

Company Culture
Team Processes
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