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Thomas Stocking

Thomas Stocking

VP Product Strategy at GroundWork, Inc.

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  • Tuesday 14th Dec11:30 PM (GMT)

Hi everyone! My name is Thomas Stocking and I am currently VP Product Strategy at GroundWork, Inc., where I lead a team of 4 people. Looking forward to meeting you!

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Building a Remote B-to-C Support Team

5 October

I had an opportunity a few years back to fire up a remote support team for an established B-to-C company in a new region. In order to this successfully, I realized I needed to learn more about the product myself. Additionally, I needed to create ways to foster teamwork within the remote team. We decided to meet in the same space periodically, which turned out to be beneficial in many ways.

Product Team
Different Skillsets
Recruiting a Great Engineer

5 October

When I was looking to start an engineering team, I naturally assumed I would lead it. That preconception was blown up, and it made all the difference.

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