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Thomas Lamirault

Thomas Lamirault

Engineering Manager at Ubisoft

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Hello 👋

Unfortunately, I don't have any available slot for the next 4 weeks

    The team drive the IT vision for the whole Ubisoft IT domains. The team is also responsible to led critical project, review other team architecture and design shared integration platform and services. I am now leading the developer platform and tools team, which is responsible for the integration platform, shared services and QA automation. The team is a cross-functionnal team, composed from junior to senior person

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    When Your Manager Leaves

    6 April

    Thomas Lamirault, Engineering Manager at BlaBlaCar, speaks of his efforts to adapt to the challenging situation of being left on his own after his manager left the company.

    Personal Growth
    Transitioning From a Large Company to a Startup

    6 April

    Thomas Lamirault, Engineering Manager at BlaBlaCar, recalls his own transition from a large company to a small startup while emphasizing key challenges he encountered.

    Changing Company
    Building a New Domain Team

    6 April

    Thomas Lamirault, Engineering Manager at BlaBlaCar, shares how he built a brand new team by transforming an existing component-based team into a domain-based one.

    Building A Team
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