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Temitope Faro

Temitope Faro

Technical Lead at Moneysupermarket Group

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  • Monday 13th Dec7:00 PM (GMT)

I am passionate about building, leading, mentoring, collaborating with development teams and helping us reach the level where we are continuously and efficiently delivering software daily that meets the business requirements and gives “measurable” customer satisfaction employing proven solid engineering practices and agile methodologies while also staying pragmatic. My professional work experience over the last 10 years allows me to be able to work across multiple of the technical roles from being a lead/senior engineer, DevOps engineer, to technical lead, architect, to engineering manager, and at every time focusing on how I can help contribute to delivering value to the organisation. I am also passionate about influencing and coaching the team to ensure that we are building the right thing, the right way and everybody is motivated and happy.

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3 Years


Manager of ICs


Education / eTech
Financial Services / Fintech
Entertainment, Media & Music
Computer Software

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