Tancho Markovik

Tancho Markovik

Chief Technology Officer at IZICAP

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Hello everyone, my name is Tancho, and I am the CTO of Izicap. We're a FinTech company focusing on the banking industry, providing a loyalty system where your credit card is your loyalty card with all the stores you use. We provide value to both merchants as well as then banks. I've been an engineer for most of my career but in the past ~7 years I also was in charge of one of more teams (platform or product oriented), leading teams with sizes spanning from 5 - 50+ people. My main focus at work is improving the environment and reducing stress levels by automation. I believe that Once you leave engineers to do what they're good at, and reduce stress levels coming from product, client and releases, they will be the best at what they do. I strongly believe in agile way of working, and taking gradual steps to scale with quality.

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Whiteboard interviews, how to and how not to do it

13 October

Tancho explains how they introduced whiteboard interviews in a previous company, and the rules they had to put in place for them to be efficient.

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