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Swapna Savant

Director of Engineering at Headspace

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High Impact, result-driven team leader with more than 10 years of software engineering experience. Proven record of building and managing top performing and highly visible teams of talented engineers. Expertise includes: ‣ Collaboration with all stakeholders for on-time execution of projects. ‣ Empowering team members to perform at their best abilities. ‣ Design and development of next generation, highly scalable, production quality software ‣ Expert knowledge in variety of front end and backend technologies

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Healing Broken Trust in Your Team

1 June

Swapna Savant, Senior Engineering Manager at Headspace, speaks of her effort to heal broken trust between management and frontline engineers in the ever-unpredictable world of startups.

Psychological Safety
New Manager
My One-on-Ones With Myself

1 June

Swapna Savant, Senior Engineering Manager at Headspace, shares what her one-on-ones with herself look like and why they are critical for her career growth.

Personal Growth
Career Path
Being Intentional About Your Career Growth

1 June

Swapna Savant, Senior Engineering Manager at Headspace, uncovers how she became intentional about her career growth after spending years aimlessly learning about new technologies and being driven by getting-the-job-done mindset.

Personal Growth
Career Path
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