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Sven Coppens

Sven Coppens

Sr Product Development Director at Aprimo

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Hello 👋

Unfortunately, I don't have any available slot for the next 4 weeks

    - Setup and coach technical teams to develop business processes - Setup and coach techincal teams to perform software development (insourcing and outsourcing) - Be able to work in agile environments and more structural ones (e.g. PMI) - Develop technical strategies and visions and link an architecture to it to support the business within a company - Stear and coach people to improve their personal skills and to improve the efficiency of the team - Coach people to realize a project. - Translating none structural business requirements into functional requirements which fit with the philosophy of a company and the technical architecture.

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    Everyone Is a Potential Leader

    22 August

    Sven Coppens, Sr Product Development Director at Aprimo, discusses why leadership is a favorable quality that should be encouraged and groomed in junior engineers.

    Outcome vs. Output-Driven Organizations

    22 August

    Sven Coppens, Sr Product Development Director at Aprimo, contrasts an outcome- and output-driven approach while explaining how choosing one over another can impact the organization itself.

    Goal Setting
    Team Processes
    How to Maintain a Startup Mentality

    22 August

    Sven Coppens, Sr Product Development Director at Aprimo, discusses what it takes to maintain a startup mentality in the midst of rapid growth where processes are added without much reflection on why and if needed.

    Company Culture
    Team Processes
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