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Suresh Marur

ex VP of Engineering at Smarsh Inc

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I am a professional with 25 years experience in leading, managing and growing technology teams for global in-house centers (GICs) in India. I specialize in using my blend of understanding technology from being a hands on engineering leader for 20 years to creating, growing and sustaining strong product engineering teams. Over the last 2 decades through growing such teams for multiple product lines, I have developed insights for leadership and team organizations that produce sustained value through innovation, technical excellence and execution culture. High quality talent requires high quality leadership. Such talent needs careful coaching and mentoring that comes from enlightened servant leadership that transcends traditional notions of top-down management. Healthy intervention to inculcate leadership behaviors in early stages can play a crucial role in fostering a growth and learning culture in todays fast paced world. The culture that manifests at the lowest levels of management is its true organizational culture... not what is written in the corporate slogans. I am passionate about using my insights to help aspiring and emerging managers in fast paced organizations to become effective leaders. Such leadership culture combined with technological excellence leads to highly motivated teams that can thrive in the highly disruptive technology landscape. It begins and ends with leadership.

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The Parking Lot Method of Team Development

17 June

Suresh Marur, founder of Grow Happily, cultivates his team by putting them through a thorough and intensive regeneration cycle that he calls the parking lot method.

Different Skillsets
Building A Team
Avoiding the Trap of “The Perfect Candidate”

17 June

Suresh Marur, founder of Grow Happily, reminds hiring managers that investing in potential will always pay off handsomely as their new hire flourishes into exactly what was needed all along.

Building A Team
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