Sudhir Tonse

Sudhir Tonse

Director of Engineering at Uber

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Hi all. I am Sudhir Tonse. Currently at Uber leading teams in the Data Intelligence domain. Enjoying work here trying to make sure we all can get our Uber rides as fast and reliably as possible. Previously I was at Netflix down in Los Gatos managing the Cloud Platform teams (moved our compute stack from our datacenters to AWS) and prior to that at AOL, Sun & Netscape (web/app servers). Excited to make some acquaintances!

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Managing the expectations of a role
6 December

Sudhir Tonse discusses how he communicated the expectations of a role to an underperforming engineer, and how he improved the engineer’s performance.

Coaching / Training / Mentorship
Sudhir Tonse

Sudhir Tonse

Director of Engineering at Uber

Internal Projects vs. Open-Source
6 December

Sudhir Tonse discusses how he opened his engineer’s eyes to the importance of internal projects for the success of open-source code.

Company Culture
Career Path
Coaching / Training / Mentorship
Managing Expectations
Sudhir Tonse

Sudhir Tonse

Director of Engineering at Uber


Director of Engineering


Jul 2019 - current

Delivering goodness! At DoorDash, we're building the on-demand logistics engine of the future. We strive to empower local economies by helping small businesses grow, creating flexible earnings opportunities, and connecting you to what you love. If you are in the US or Canada, get yourself a nice meal delivered ... try us out on Android, iPhone or at My teams are building the foundational Data Platforms, ML Infrastructure, Experimentation and Targeting Frameworks which the product teams and various business analytics functions use to make timely, insightful and intelligent decisions that optimize our business and product. We are hiring (SF and Mountain View engineering offices)!! Looking for experienced leaders and senior engineers interested in joining as us as we scale our business and infrastructure into a world class entity. Ping me if you want to chat!

Engineering Management & Leadership


Mar 2015 - Jul 2019

Uber Product & Data Platform Lead the Experimentation Platform (XP) and Segmentation Platform (Audience & Targeting) teams. Mission is to enable Uber to continue innovating at a rapid pace using well crafted data driven methodologies, automated/efficient process while ensuring appropriate guard rails are in place to take the risk out of risk-taking. At any given time, Uber's various teams are running 1000s of experimentations across the product and technical stacks. \* \* Actively hiring experienced engineers interested in a cross section of high scale distributed systems, data processing, analytics and modeling. Tech Leads, TLMs and senior engineers (Full Stack, Backend Engineers, Mobile and Data/ML Engineers). Great opportunity that positions you to work with many of our product lines (Eats, Freight, Rides, ..) while still focusing on the engineering side of the equation (scale, science and efficiency) Happy to chat with all senior engineers exploring opportunities. Setup a time using Marketplace Data Intelligence Lead and scale functional teams (Data Services, Analytics & Marketplace Forecasting) tackling some of the hardest data processing, science and engineering problems related to improving Uber’s real time marketplace. The challenging problems include collecting, analyzing and providing data for optimizing Uber’s dynamic pricing system; providing real time positioning guidance to drivers; optimizing dispatches of drivers to incoming requests; detecting the health of the marketplace in real time etc. More information at Check out to shed some light on some of the work we have done so far.



Dec 2014 - Dec 2014

Provide Technical and Product guidance and perspective. Help with recruiting and build relationships with industry leaders.

Sr. Software Engineer

Netscape/AOL (iPlanet)

Jan 1998 - Jan 2001

Developer: Netscape Application Server

Module Leader/Engineer

Menon Information Private LTD

Jan 1996 - Jan 1998

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