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Sudheer Bandaru

Sudheer Bandaru

CEO at Insightly Analytics

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  • Monday 27th Dec4:00 AM (GMT)

Experienced Technology Leader with a vision for the future while solving today’s challenges. Demonstrated history of working across multiple domains in product based companies of all sizes for over a decade in the US and India. Takes pride in building user friendly, scalable and secure applications, strong teams that generate results, a culture that attracts and retains engineers. I am currently the CTO at Shortlist, a recruiting tech company that helps growing companies and staffing firms around the world hire better and more efficiently using tech, data and human touch. Started my career as a software engineer solving technical problems and eventually gravitated towards technical management roles at startups with a definite purpose in making a social impact on the world. After working for over a decade at large corporates (AT&T, HP, Merrill Lynch) and Silicon Valley startups in the US, joined Shortlist as a founding member of the team and ultimately moved to Hyderabad, India to be closer to the tech team and end-customers.

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How To Fast-Track Your Way Up The Corporate Ladder

28 October

Sudheer Bandaru, CEO at Insightly Analytics, shares how he dealt with employee turnover by enforcing a cultural shift.

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Company Culture
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The Problem-Solving Process: A Modern, Data-Driven Approach for Engineering leaders

28 October

Sudheer Bandaru, CEO at Insightly Analytics, recalls how he formed a company for carrying out data-driven solutions to daily engineering problems.

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