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Subhasri Madaka

Subhasri Madaka

Engineering Manager at Duo Security

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Unfortunately, I don't have any available slot for the next 4 weeks

    Hi everyone! My name is Subha Madaka and I am an Engineering Manager at Duo Security. I started my career as a software developer at Motorola and for about ten years enjoyed the responsibility that came with claiming ownership for a functional area. This made me realize I wanted to expand my scope to work with a team on end to end development. I transitioned into a Team Lead role for a financial data distribution platform at Thomson Reuters and this is where my experience with Leadership started. Over the last ten years, I have built and mentored diverse global development teams and had the opportunity to develop meaningful experiences which have contributed to my growth as a Leader. I recently started a new journey with Duo Security wherein I will be cultivating a new team focused on engineering the business for expanding growth opportunities.

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    Balancing Time Between Work and Home Life

    2 May

    Subhasri Madaka, engineering manager at Duo Security, believes that balancing time and organizing work can apply to anyone across the board as long as you set your boundaries.

    Health / Stress / Burn-Out
    Building the Right Team is More Important than Building a Team

    2 May

    Subhasri Madaka, engineering manager at Duo Security, describes how she discovered that even though skill set is important to look for when building a team, attitude and culture fit should be a dominant factor in hiring the right person.

    Building A Team
    Company Culture
    Learning to be Your Authentic Self as a New Manager

    2 May

    Subhasri Madaka, engineering manager at Duo Security, touches on how she was able to learn how to become more comfortable with herself during her journey from software engineer to team leader.

    Feelings Aside
    Personal Growth
    New Manager
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