Sourabh Sahay

Sourabh Sahay

Engineering Manager at Meta (Facebook, Oculus, & Family of Apps)

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A highly accomplished, people-centric technology leader with a track-record of successfully shaping strategy and leading effective change across a broad range of technology organisations. Currently Senior leader, ML Infra space in Meta (FB) - we are building foundations for ML infra which is responsible for 98% of Meta revenue. Previously I was Engineering Manager at Amazon managing Order/refunds for all Amazon WW ecommerce operations. Before that I have held engineering leadership roles with Expedia Group where I contributed to their Destination Services pillar as well as Expedia Rails framework. Along side big corporate, I successfully founded a profitable start-up in ERP/Retail banking/Industrial automation & supply chain domains and scaled it up to 100+ employees. I developed next generation of leadership across first and second line managers, establishing multiple departments (sales, product, customer support, solution architects and core engineering) across 3 sites. Across Expedia and FB, I have successfully established teams operating in multiple sites with autonomous charters and rapid expansions. An inspiring leader combining the curiosity, analysis and open-mindedness of an experienced consultant with a people leader’s passion for empowering talent and teams with an engineer’s eye for effective technology solutions.

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A Look Into the Hiring Pipeline: How to Fine Tune the Interviewing Process

9 May

Sourabh Sahay, Engineering Manager at Meta, discusses how talent acquisition can be made more efficient by refining the hiring processes.

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