Sonesh Surana

Sonesh Surana

VP of Engineering at Optimizely

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My name is Sonesh. I'm currently VP of Engineering at Optimizely, where I've been for the last 7 years. Prior to that I co-founded a company QVSense in the solar power management space and led it through acquisition by Solar Semiconductor. At Optimizely, I've managed FE teams, App teams, Infra teams, and Security teams. Currently, I manage the Distributed Systems and Machine Learning groups. At various points, I've worked on product and technical strategy, technical architecture, org scaling, building fair promotion frameworks, talent management frameworks, growing managers/tech leads/architects, improving OKR processes, reducing large infra spend to increase our gross margins, etc. Every day I realize how much more there is to learn and am hoping to share as well as learn from you all.

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Steps to Take with an Underperforming Employee Before Implementing a PIP

15 February

Sonesh Surana, senior director of engineering at Optimizely, offers advice on how to refocus an underperforming employee through shared documentation, articulation of consequences, and coaching memos.

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