Simon Gong

Simon Gong

Sr. Manager, Engineering at Facebook

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Hi everyone, I'm Simon, currently a Sr. Manager at Facebook, previously a Director at Box. I've created and scaled a variety of functions in the infrastructure efficiency area including Capacity Engineering and Analysis, Infrastructure Data Science, Supply Chain & Fulfillment, Hardware Engineering, Project Management, and Public Cloud Engineering. Looking forward to learning from all of you, and contributing what I can!

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Discussing Pay Compensation

23 August

Simon Gong, director of engineering at Box, gives his best advice for having the discussion around a raise in compensation with your manager.

Communication and Collaboration
Managing Stress and Burnout
Helping your direct reports decide on management, senior IC, or lateral growth tracks, to guide their career development

6 December

Simon had a discussion with one of his direct reports about career development. He did so to determine the right track for his report and to figure out what things his report should work on.

Building and Scaling Teams
Career Growth
Communication and Collaboration
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