Shweta Saraf

Shweta Saraf

Head of Metal Product Engineering at Equinix

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I am a seasoned technology leader with 13+ years of experience leading engineering teams at various cloud provider startups and networking companies - Packet (now Equinix), DigitalOcean and Cisco. During my tenure I have built and scaled global diverse teams (30-70 people) multiple times with a track record of delivering excellence through products and experiences that delight the customers. I have experience with building products for cloud infrastructure as a service including VPC, Cloud Firewalls, IP address Management, Load Balancers, Network Monitoring, Object Storage and enterprise products like SDN Controllers, Wireless Security, Context Aware - Indoor Location services, WAN optimization controllers. I truly want to pay it forward and empower women (and men) to take charge of their own careers. I am the founder of Women in Science & Engineering group at Cisco (5000+ women engineers). I contribute to Forbes and sit on Forbes Technology Council and do mentoring on different platforms.

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Techniques for Sourcing and Attracting Great Candidates

25 June

Shweta Saraf shares methods she uses for sourcing and attracting great candidates that will be the right fit for your company.

Why Your Engineers Should Spend More Time Writing Open Source Software Code

13 February

Shweta Saraf, Director of Engineering, Cloud Networking at DigitalOcean, shares how important it is to lead your engineers towards open source.

Dev Processes
Personal Growth
Coaching / Training / Mentorship
Restructuring or Reorganizing an Organization

28 February

Shweta Saraf, director of engineering and networking at DigitalOcean, summarizes some key strategies she has both seen and used in developing a succession plan for changes within her company.

Building A Team
Team Processes
Career Path
Developing and Sustaining Diversity Within a Company

28 February

Shweta Saraf, director of engineering and networking at DigitalOcean, discusses ways in which she has exposed her company to more diverse opportunities and how she keeps them functioning well after the hiring process.

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