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Shruti Venkatesh

Shruti Venkatesh

Engineering Manager at Capsule

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Unfortunately, I don't have any available slot for the next 4 weeks

    Capsule is a healthcare technology business rebuilding the pharmacy from the inside out, with an emotionally resonant experience, and technology that enables customized outcomes for doctors, hospitals, insurers, and manufacturers. At Capsule, I have led multiple teams involved in areas spanning microservice orchestration and rules platforms, internal tools serving our entire operational personnel, Data Engineering and most recently, our COVID-19 Vaccination offering. I am also very involved in shaping organizational efforts such as hiring, onboarding, architecture planning and observability.

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    How to Create a Tailored Growth Plan For Your Teams

    10 June

    Shruti Venkatesh, Engineering Manager at Capsule, talks about her inspiring journey to help engineers leverage the career ladder to grow in their role.

    Coaching / Training / Mentorship
    Career Path
    Managing Tight Deadlines While Building a New Team

    10 June

    Shruti Venkatesh, Engineering Manager at Capsule, shares some of the best tips for dealing with tight deadlines in a newly formed team.

    Building A Team
    How to Creatively Juggle Technical Debt and Product Priorities

    10 June

    Shruti Venkatesh, Engineering Manager at Capsule, talks about what goes on an EM’s head when faced with technical debt and tight product deadlines.

    Conflict Solving
    Tech Debt
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