Shannon Vettes

Shannon Vettes

Head of Program at BlaBlaCar

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I've seen a lot in my 20+ years going from engineer in 2000, to manager of 5 engineering teams today (QA, Security, Eng Prg. Management, Agile, Localization). I've dealt with tough contexts, tough teams, tough colleagues and several distinctly uncomfortable situations. Real queen of "what now?" over here, so if you're looking for someone who's been tested you've knocked on the right door! I promise to be a listener for you, and someone who cares a lot as it's in my "Wisconsin DNA". Sometimes I'll ask you questions, other times I'll tell you what I think. I like to give advice, but also to learn from the situations of those around me. My management style is full of empathy but also ready to challenge the status quo and make waves. In case you haven't seen my linked in: I've worked in product development (PaaS and SaaS), services teams(engineering, project/program management), partner development programs in multiple sectors (tech, travel, insurance). Looking forward to our chat if you choose to book a session with me.

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