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Sergio Rodriguez

Sergio Rodriguez

Head of Product - Payments & Finance at ManoMano

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  • Monday 13th Dec4:00 PM (GMT)

Hello there, I am Sergio Rodriguez Lopez (he/him), Head of Product in Fintech, based in Paris, France. I have more than 15 years of experience in e-commerce and Payments. I am a Software Engineer who discovered product management by accident when looking for a balance between Technical feasibility, Customer Desirability and Business viability. I have been a Product Owner, Product Manager, Sr Product Manager, Lead Product Manager and now, Head of Product. I have been mentoring and coaching Product Managers and entrepreneurs at "Article 1", "The Cherie Blair Foundation for Women", and now I am happy to be part of Plato. In my current role, I lead the teams building the Payments, Finance and Compliance Platforms in one of the top scale-ups in France: ManoMano. A Marketplace for Home Improvement, Gardening and DIY available in France, Italy, Spain, Germany and the UK. In 2020, we made more than €1.2 billion in GMV (~$1.4B USD). Before joining ManoMano, I worked for PayPal for eight years in different roles on the Product Team. It was a fantastic opportunity to launch products globally to millions of customers with a distributed team. When I moved to Paris, I had a back-end feature team in Bangalore, India and a front-end feature team in San Jose, California. You can read my story about what I learned about this massive gap in time zone overlap. Before PayPal, I worked for Citibank for five years in their acquiring and e-commerce business. I led the committee at the Central Bank that implemented 3-D Secure in Mexico. I believe in gender equality, diversity and inclusion. I hired a brilliant young woman with no previous experience in Product Management, and I have been teaching and coaching her on the fly. You can read my other story about embracing people from non-traditional backgrounds. I love to keep learning. Recently, I completed Mastering Design Thinking from MIT online. My team was one of the top 3 final projects of my cohort. I am teaching myself piano using only an app. Mentoring is a fantastic way to learn about other industries, companies and challenges. I would be happy to coach you amidst the following topics: - The transition from Software Engineer to Product Manager - Setting and growing your Product Team - Communication and management of your stakeholders - Coaching and Developing Product Managers - Payments Strategy - Implementing Stripe or PayPal at your company - Diversity and Inclusion - Becoming an ally to women in Tech - Improve conversion in your checkout funnel - Design Thinking I am looking forward to meeting you soon.

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Leading a Team in Different Geographies

18 March

Sergio Rodriguez, Group Product Manager - Payments and Finance at ManoMano, outlines key challenges when leading a team dispersed across different geographies.

Cultural Differences
Embracing People From Non-Traditional Backgrounds

18 March

Sergio Rodriguez, Group Product Manager - Payments and Finance at ManoMano, shares how helping managers embrace people from non-traditional backgrounds is beneficial for business, and particularly product management.

Company Culture
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Lead Product Manager


Sep 2019 - current

ManoMano is a Marketplace on the Home Improvement, DIY, Gardening and Pets verticals. GMV in 2020 was more than €1.2B I am a Group Product Manager responsible for 3 feature teams (also known as Scrum Teams): 1. Payment Methods for B2B and B2C customers 2. Settlement, Reconciliation and Payouts for Sellers 3. Tax Compliance

Sr Product Manager


Sep 2011 - Sep 2019

As a Product Manager at PayPal, I had the opportunnity to work in diferent products during my 8 years in the company. Some anecdotes: - I launched a product with QR codes (before they were cool) and it failed. - I launched a product to let customers pay with their mobile and their PayPal app at restaurants, and it failed. I also launched Products that were successful, for example: - PayPal Offers: coupons from PayPal that are automatically saved and applied to your next transaction. Available globally. When we launched it in the UK, the Sun was surprised - Travel Cancellation Insurance when you pay with PayPal - Installments, APIs, Partnerships and even blockchain - KYC / KYB flow: I know, not an exciting one but we managed to increase conversion rate and reduce contact rate. - Ability to top-up your PayPal account using a bar code in a supermarket

Product Manager


Jul 2006 - Sep 2011

I joined Citibank as a Data Analyst, then became a Software Architect and finally discovered Product Management. As a PM I was responsible for the Payment Service Provider (PSP) to enable merchants to accept cards online. I also led the Committee at the Central Bank for the implementation of "Verified by Visa" and "Mastercard SecureCode" (3D Secure) in Mexico.

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