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Sergey Barysiuk

Sergey Barysiuk

CTO and co-founder at PandaDoc

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Unfortunately, I don't have any available slot for the next 4 weeks

    Hello there, Excited to be a part of Plato community! I'm Sergey, CTO and co-founder of PandaDoc. On a mission to help small businesses to close more deals and optimize sales documents process. Originally from Belarus. Founded 2 companies. Running product and engineering, ~170 ppl product organization. Dealt with pretty much all scaling problems (from 0 to 500 org): communication, culture, processes, management, etc. Avid angler. Happy to help if I can!

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    Establishing Communication in a Growing Engineering and Product Team

    2 July

    Sergey Barysiuk, CTO and co-founder at Pandadoc, discusses the importance of creating an operational communication cadence as a company grows and spreads to different locations.

    Internal Communication
    Career Path
    Product Organization Structure in a Growing Company

    25 June

    Sergey Barysiuk, CTO and co-founder at Pandadoc, details the negative changes in speed, communication, and processes due to team organizational structure as his company began to grow. He then describes how a restructure in the organization made all the difference.

    Managing Expectations
    Large Number Of Reports
    Career Path
    Agile / Scrum
    Building an International Organization

    21 June

    Sergey Barysiuk, CTO and co-founder at Pandadoc, dives into the specifics of how he was able to build a product, serve his customers, and scale the organization from the small engineering hub of Belarus, all the way to the booming tech industry of San Francisco.

    Product Team
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